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This is a list of boxing families with two or more notable boxers. Many families have had multiple members become famous in the sport of boxing with some having had multiple world champions.


The Matthysses


The Mundines
  • Tony, middleweight contender.
  • Anthony, Tony's son, Former 2x WBA Super Middleweight champion and Former IBO Middleweight champion.


The Pulevs


The Gattis
  • Arturo, world Jr. Lightweight (IBF) and world (WBC) light welterweight champion,Defeated Micky Ward.
  • Joe, former light middleweight world title challenger, Arturo's brother
The Hiltons
The Vanderpools
  • Fitz, world (WBF) Welterweight and WBF Jr. Middleweight champion (Syd's older brother)
  • Syd, former world title challenger, Fitz's younger brother

Dominican Republic[edit]

The Cruz


The Tiozzos
  • Fabrice, two time light heavyweight champion (WBA and later, WBC) and world (WBA) cruiserweight champion.
  • Christophe, world (WBA) super middleweight champion, Fabrice's brother.


The Rocchigianis
  • Ralf, world (WBO) Cruiserweight champion.
  • Graciano, world (IBF) Super Middleweight champion and world Light Heavyweight champion (WBC), Ralf's brother.


The Dundees (First pair of brothers to become World Champions)
  • Joe Dundee, NYSAC world Welterweight champion
  • Vince Dundee, world Middleweight champion, Joe's younger brother
The Steccas
  • Loris, world Jr. Featherweight champion
  • Maurizio, world (WBO) featherweight champion. Loris' brother


The Magees
  • Noel, Commonwealth Light Heavyweight champion
  • Eamonn, WBU and Commonwealth light welterweight champion
  • Terry, light middleweight journeyman


The Kamedas
The Iokas


The Álvarez family
The Arce family
  • Jorge, world (WBC) light flyweight and interim world (WBC) flyweight champion
  • Francisco, contender, Jorge's brother
The Arredondo family
  • Rene, world (WBC) light welterweight champion
  • Ricardo, world (WBC) super featherweight champion
  • Roberto, Japanese featherweight champion
The Barrera family
  • Jorge, 1990s contender
  • Marco Antonio, 3 division (super bantam, feather and super feather) world champion, Jorge's brother
The Burgos family
The Castillo family
The Chávez family
The Díaz family
The Espadas family
The García family
  • Raúl García, is the former IBF miniflyweight and current WBO minimumweight champion.
  • Ramón García Hirales, is the current WBO light flyweight champion and twin brother of Raúl.
The González family
The Karass family
The López family
The Margarito family
The Márquez family
  • Juan Manuel, world (WBA, IBF and interim WBO) featherweight champion, world (WBC) super featherweight world champion.
  • Rafael, world (IBF) bantamweight and world (WBC) super bantamweight champion, Juan Manuel's brother.
The Mijares family
The Montiel family
  • Fernando, world (WBO) flyweight champion and world (WBO) super flyweight champion
  • Manuel Sr., Father of Fernando, 70's Flyweight Contender and World class Trainer
  • Alejandro, Fernando's older brother and IBA Flyweight Champion
  • Pedro, Fernando's brother Middleweight Contender
  • Manuel jr., bantamweight Contender
  • Eduardo, Middleweight Contender
The Morales family
  • José Morales, 1970s boxing contender, Erik's father and manager
  • Erik, 3 division (Super Bantam, Feather and Super Feather) world champion
  • Diego, world (WBO) Super Flyweight champion, Erik's brother
  • Iván, an undefeated Bantamweight boxing prospect
The Páez family
The Podgorski family
  • Pete Podgorski Mid-West USA champion, World class referee
  • Stan Podgorski Amateur & professional boxer
  • Leo Podgorski Amateur champion & professional boxer
  • Matthew Podgorski Amateur champion & professional judge and referee
  • Ray Podgorski Amateur boxer
The Roman family
  • Gilberto, world Bantamweight champion
  • Jorge, 1990s contender, Gilberto's brother
The Ruelas family
  • Gabriel, world (WBC) Jr. Lightweight champion
  • Rafael, world (IBF) Lightweight champion, Gabriel's brother
The Sánchez family
The Solís family
  • Ulises, world (IBF) light flyweight world champion
  • Jorge, Featherweight Mexican champion, Ulises's brother
The Zárate family


The Duran-Samaniego family


The Pacquiaos
  • Manny, Ring Magazine pound for pound #4, Current WBO welterweight world champion. The only eight-division world champion: WBC Super Welterweight world champion, WBO welterweight world champion, IBO and Ring Magazine light welterweight champion, WBC lightweight world champion, Ring Magazine and WBC super featherweight world champion, Ring Magazine featherweight champion, IBF super bantamweight world champion, WBC flyweight world champion and 2006/2008 Fighter of the Year. And also the first to win the lineal championship in four different weight classes. (Older brother)
  • Bobby, Super Featherweight/Lightweight challenger, defeated former Featherweight champion Kevin Kelley, and WBC Continental Americas Super Featherweight Champion (Younger brother)
The Peñalosas
  • Carl Peñalosa, lightweight and jr.welterweight champion during the 1960s (Gerry's father)
  • Gerry, WBC Super Flyweight Champion, WBU Super Flyweight Champion and WBO Bantamweight Champion
  • Dodie Boy, IBF Light Flyweight Champion (the first of that governing body) and IBF Flyweight Champion (Gerry's older brother)
  • Jonathan, 1990s contender (Gerry's older brother)
  • Dodie Boy Jr., upcoming prospect and boxing newcomer (Gerry's nephew)
The Donaires
  • Nonito, Current NABF Super Flyweight Champion (2006) and IBF & IBO Flyweight Champion. (Younger brother)
  • Glenn, Current NABA and WBO NABO Flyweight Champion (2006) (Older brother)
  • Richard, boxing newcomer (Cousin)
The Sonsonas
  • Marvin, former WBO super flyweight champion
  • Eden, Marvin's cousin, former Philippine national super flyweight champion

Puerto Rico[edit]

The Arroyo Twins Brothers
The Bisbal Brothers
  • Victor Bisbal, Heavyweight Pro Prospect (older brother)Ex-Amateur Star
  • Gerardo Bisbal, Amateur Heavyweight, Victor's brother (younger brother)1st Puerto Rican three times Central American Medallist.
The Camachos
  • Felix Camacho, former world title challenger and WBF world Jr.Featherweight champion
  • Héctor, 7 time division world champion, boxing Legend, Felix's brother
  • Héctor Jr., Welterweight contender
The Cottos
The Solises (brothers)
  • Enrique Solís, former world title challenger
  • Julian, world Bantamweight champion
  • Rafael, former world title challenger
The Vázquezs


The Simions (brothers)



The Galaxys (both born Saenkham)
  • Khaosai, WBA Junior Bantamweight world champion
  • Kaokor, Khaosai's twin brother, 2 time WBA Bantamweight world champion
The Payakaroons (both born Tiptamai)
  • Samart, WBC Super Bantamweight world champion, famous Muay Thai boxer
  • Kongtoranee Payakaroon, Samart's older brother, Gilberto Roman and Khaosai Galaxy's contender, famous Muay Thai boxer
The Sor Vorapins (both born Phothong)
  • Ratanapol, 2 time IBF Mini Flyweight world champion
  • Ratanachai, Ratanapol's young brother, WBO Bantamweight world champion


The Kamsings
  • Somluck, gold medal Featherweight at the 1996 Summer Olympics
  • Somrot, Somluck's older brother, Thailand national amateur boxing team
The Boonjumnongs
  • Manus, gold medal Light Welterweight at the 2004 Summer Olympics, silver medal Light Welterweight at the 2008 Summer Olympics
  • Non (former name Manon), Manus's young brother, Thailand national amateur boxing team

Trinidad and Tobago[edit]

The Noels
  • Claude, world Lightweight champion
  • David, 1980s contender, Claude's brother


The Klitschkos (brothers)
  • Vitali, former WBO and two time current WBC Heavyweight Champion
  • Wladimir, former two time champion and current unified WBA, WBO, IBF, IBO and The Ring Heavyweight Champion

Together, the Klitschko brothers hold all of the belts in the Heavyweight Division, as of 2 July 2011 (when Wladimir Klitschko defeated David Haye for the WBA title)

United Kingdom[edit]

The Eubanks
  • Chris, world Middleweight champion, world Super Middleweight champion, former world Cruiserweight title challenger
  • Chris Jr, son of Chris, current professional boxer
  • Frank Eubank, cousin of Chris
  • Peter Eubank, older brother of Chris
  • Simon Eubank, twin brother of Peter, older brother of Chris
The Finnegans
  • Chris, 1968 Olympic Middleweight Gold Medal Winner; British, Commonwealth and European Light Heavyweight Champion, world title challenger
  • Kevin, younger brother of Chris, British and European Middleweight Champion
The Hattons
  • Ricky, world Light Welterweight champion, WBA Welterweight Champion
  • Matthew, younger brother of Ricky, active welterweight
The Khans
  • Amir Khan, Olympic silver medalist, former WBA, Super WBA and IBF Light Welterweight champion.
  • Haroon Khan, Commonwealth bronze medalist, and undefeated boxer.
The Londons
  • Jack, British Heavyweight champion (1944–45)
  • Brian, son of Jack, British Heavyweight champion (1958–59)
The Minters
  • Alan, world Middleweight champion
  • Ross, son of Alan, English Welterweight champion, active boxer

United States[edit]

The Alis
  • Muhammad, former 3 time world Heavyweight champion
  • Rahman, younger brother of Muhammad
  • Laila, women's World Super Middleweight Champion, Muhammad's daughter
  • Ibn Ali, son of Rahman, 11-2 as a professional cruiserweight and heavyweight
The Alvarado & Cisneros family
The Ayalas
  • Tony Ayala, Sr., former boxer and trainer of his four sons
  • Tony Ayala, Jr., controversial Light Middleweight contender
  • Mike, former two-division world title challenger
  • Sammy, 80's Welterweight contender
  • Paulie, 80's Featherweight contender
The Baers
  • Buddy, former world title challenger
  • Max, world Heavyweight champion, Buddy's brother; father of Max Baer Jr.
The Baltazar Brothers
  • Tony, former world Light Welterweight title challenger
  • Frankie, 1970s Featherweight contender
  • Robert, 1980s Super Featherweight contender
The Byrds
  • Joe Byrd Sr., 1992 US Olympic Team Head Coach
  • Antoine, Joe's son, former world middleweight title challenger
  • Chris, world heavyweight champion, Joe's son, Antoine's brother
  • Patrick, Welterweight, Joe's son, Chris and Antoine's brother
  • Tracy, two division IFBA world champion, Chris and Antoine's sister, Joe's daughter
  • Lamon Brewster one time world heavyweight champion, nephew to Joe Byrd and cousin to Chris Byrd
The Carbajals
  • Michael, 4 time world Jr. Flyweight champion
  • Cruz, Michael's young brother, world Bantamweight champion
The Canizales
  • Gaby, world Bantamweight champion
  • Orlando, world Bantamweight champion, Gaby's brother
The Camachos
  • Hector "Macho", Former world champion in many weight classes
  • Hector Jr, Current Welterweight Contender, son of Hector "Macho" Camacho
  • Christian (aka M.C.), Amateur standout, son of Hector Sr, half brother of Hector Jr.
The Currys
  • Bruce, World Jr. Welterweight Champion
  • Graylin, Bruce's younger brother and Donald's older brother. 13-6 as a professional junior middleweight
  • Donald, World Welterweight Champion, younger brother of Bruce and Graylin
The Eklund & Ward family
The Foremans
  • George, family patriarch, former 2 time world Heavyweight champion
  • Freeda, women's boxing contender, George's daughter
  • George III, heavyweight boxing contender
The Fraziers
  • Joe, family patriarch, world Heavyweight champion
  • Jackie, women's boxing contender
  • Joe Jr, son of Joe
  • Marvis, son of Joe and brother of Joe Jr, former world title challenger
  • Tyrone, 1980s contender
The Fullmers
  • Don, 1960s middleweightcontender
  • Gene, world Middleweight champion
  • Jay, lightweight, welterweight
The García family
The Gardners
The Gibbons brothers
  • Mike, rated one of ten best middleweights of all time by Nat Fleischer
  • Tommy, lost 15-round decision to Jack Dempsey for the heavyweight title,
The Hagler-Sims family
The Hearns family
  • Thomas, 5 division world champion
  • Billy, younger brother of Thomas. 7-0 with 4 knockouts as a professional junior lightweight
  • Ronald, world ranked middleweight challenger, son of Thomas Hearns
The Hopkins family
  • Bernard, former undisputed middleweight champion of the world, light heavyweight champion
  • Demetrius, Light welterweight challenger, nephew to Bernard
The Jacksons
The Judahs
  • Daniel, light-heavyweight contender, Zab's older brother
  • Josiah, super-middleweight boxer, Zab's younger brother
  • Yoel, family patriarch, boxer, trainer, and kickboxing champion
  • Zab, former undisputed welterweight champion,Defeated Ernest Johnson, Yoel's son
The Leonards
  • Roger, 1970s boxer
  • Ray, 5 division time world champion, Roger's younger brother
The Litzaus
  • Jason, Super Featherweight boxer
  • Allen, Lightweight boxer
The Lopez'
  • Danny, world Featherweight champion
  • Ernie, former world title challenger, Danny's brother
The Magdalenos
The Mancinis
  • Lenny, 1940s contender
  • Ray, world Lightweight champion, Lenny's son
The Mayweathers
  • Floyd Jr., 9 time division world champion over 5 weight classes, current Ring Magazine pound for pound #1,Undefeated 44-0.
  • Floyd Sr., 1970s–1980s contender, former trainer of Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Chad Dawson and others
  • Jeff, 1990s contender, Floyd Sr.'s brother
  • Roger, 2 time division world champion, Floyd Sr.'s brother, Floyd Jr.'s Trainer
  • Justin Mayweather Jones, son of Floyd Sr., half brother of Floyd Jr.
The McCrorys
  • Milton, world Welterweight champion
  • Steve, world title challenger, 1984 Olympic flyweight champion
The McGirts
The Norris Family
  • Orlin, former world Cruiserweight champion, fought Mike Tyson
  • Terry, 3 time world Jr. Middleweight champion
The Pattersons
  • Floyd, 2 time world Heavyweight champion
  • Ray heavyweight contender, brother of Floyd
  • Tracy, world Jr. Lightweight champion, Floyd's adoptive son
The perez's
  • [Irleis "Cubanito" Perez] Lightweight/junior welterweight contender.
  • [Tomas Perez] Junior middleweight contender.
The Quarrys
  • Jerry, Heavyweight challenger
  • Mike, Light Heavyweight challenger, younger brother to Jerry
  • Bobby, Heavyweight challenger, youngest brother to Jerry and Mike
The Richardsons
  • Chester, Golden Glove Champ,Pro Fighter
  • Durrell,2002 National Golden Glove Champ,Pro Fighter
  • Greg,Former World Bantamweight Champion
  • Randy, Golden Glove Champ,Pro Fighter
  • Ollie, Golden Glove Champ
The Russells
The Sandovals
  • Alberto, former world title challenger
  • Richie, world Bantamweight champion, Alberto's brother
The Spinks Family
  • Leon, world Heavyweight champion
  • Michael, 2 time division world champion, Leon's brother
  • Leon Jr, slain fighter, Leon's oldest son, fought as Leon Calvin
  • Darrel, world Super Welterweight, Leon's son
  • Cory, world undisputed Welterweight champion, Leon's youngest son
  • Leon III, Leon's grand son & Cory's Nephew
The Vargas brothers
The Weaver brothers
  • Mike, world heavyweight title (WBA) champion, older brother of the Weaver Triplets
  • Floyd, jr. middleweight contender, one of the triplets
  • Lloyd, middleweight contender, one of the triplets
  • Troy, super middleweight contender, one of the triplets
The Webbers
  • Cora, world champion women boxer, twin of Dora
  • Dora, world champion women boxer, twin of Cora


The Espanas
  • Crisanto, world Welterweight champion
  • Ernesto, world Lightweight champion, Crisanto's brother