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This is a list of boxing families with two or more notable boxers. Many families have had multiple members become famous in the sport of boxing, with some having had multiple world champions. While this does not have extensive details, their highest career achievements are listed.


The Matthysse siblings


The Mundine family


The Pulev brothers


The Gatti brothers
  • Arturo Gatti, IBF Super Featherweight, WBC Light Welterweight Champion
  • Joe Gatti, light middleweight world title challenger
The Hilton family
The Vanderpool brothers

Dominican Republic[edit]

The Cruz brothers


The Tiozzo brothers


The Rocchigiani brothers


The Dundee brothers (first siblings to become world champions)
The Stecca brothers


The Magee brothers


The Kameda brothers
The Ioka family
  • Hiroki Ioka, WBC Minimumweight, WBA Light Flyweight Champion
  • Kazuto Ioka, (Hiroki's nephew), WBA Minimumweight & Light Flyweight, WBC Strawweight Champion


The Álvarez brothers
The Arce brothers
The Arredond brothers
The Barrera brothers
  • Jorge Barrera, 1990s contender
  • Marco Antonio Barrera, WBC & IBF Super Featherweight, WHO Super Bantamweight Champion
The Burgos family
The Castillo brothers
The Chávez family
  • Julio César Chávez, WBC Super Featherweight, WBA & WBC Lightweight, WBC & IBF Light Welterweight Champion
  • Julio César Chávez, Jr., (Chavez's son), WBC Middleweight Champion
  • Omar Chávez, (Chavez's son), welterweight prospect
  • Roberto Chávez González, (Chavez Sr.'s brother), 1990s contender
The Díaz brothers
The Espadas family
The García brothers
The González family
The Karass brothers
The López family
  • Ricardo Lopez, WBC, WHO & WHA Minimumweight, IBF Light Flyweight Champion
  • Alonso, (Richardo's son), flyweight contender
The Margarito family
The Márquez brothers
  • Juan Manuel Márquez, IBF & WBO Featherweight, WBC Super Featherweight, WBA & WBO Lightweight, WBO Light Welterweight Champion
  • Rafael Marquez, IBF & IBO Bantamweight Champion
The Mijares family
The Montiel family
  • Manuel Montiel, Sr., 1970s flyweight contender and world class trainer
  • Fernando Montiel, (Manuel's son), WBO Flyweight & Super Flyweight, WBO & WBC Bantamweight Champion
  • Pedro Montiel, (Manuel's son), middleweight contender
  • Alejandro Felix Montiel, (Manuel's nephew), IBA Flyweight Champion
  • Manuel Montiel, Jr., bantamweight contender
  • Eduardo Montiel, middleweight contender
The Morales family
  • José Morales, 1970s boxing contender, Erik's manager
  • Erik Morales, (Jose's son), WBC & WBO Super Bantemweight, WBC Featherweight, WBC & IBF Super Featherweight, WBC Light Welterweight Champion
  • Diego Morales, (Jose's son), WBO Super Flyweight Champion
  • Iván Morales, (Jose's son), bantamweight prospect
The Páez family
The Podgorski family
  • Pete Podgorski, Mid-West USA Champion, world class referee
  • Stan Podgorski, professional boxer
  • Leo Podgorski, amateur champion and professional boxer
  • Matthew Podgorski, amateur champion, professional judge and referee
  • Ray Podgorski, amateur boxer
The Roman brothers
  • Gilberto Roman, WBC Super Flyweight Champion
  • Jorge Roman, 1990s contender
The Ruelas brothers
The Sánchez family
The Solís brothers
The Zárate family


The Duran family
  • Roberto Durán, WBA & WBC Lighweight, WBC Welterweight, WBA Light Middleweight, WBC Middleweight Champion
  • Irichelle Duran, (Roberto's daugter), female contender
  • Santiago Samaniego, (Roberto's nephew), WBA Light Middleweight Champion


The Pacquiao brothers
  • Manny Pacquiao, WBC Flyweight, IBF Super Bantamweight, WBC Super Featherweight & Lightweight, IBO Light Welterweight, WBO Welterweight, WBC Light Middleweight Champion
  • Bobby Pacquiao, WBO Asia-Pacific Lightweight Champion
The Peñalosa family
  • Carl Peñalosa, lightweight and junior welterweight champion during the 1960s
  • Jonathan Peñalosa, (Carl's son), 1990s contender
  • Dodie Boy Peñalosa, (Carl's son), IBF Light Flyweight & Flyweight Champion
  • Gerry Peñalosa, (Carl's son), WBC Super Flyweight, WBO Bantamweight Champion
  • Dodie Boy Jr., (Gerry's nephew), upcoming prospect
The Donaire family
  • Glenn Donaire, WBC Latino Super Flyweight Champion
  • Nonito Donaire, (Glenn's brother), IBF & IBO Flyweight, WBC & WBO Bantamweight, WBO Super Bantamweight, IBF Junior Featherweight, WBA Featherweight Champion
  • Richard, (Glenn's cousin), upcoming prospect
The Sonsona family

Puerto Rico[edit]

The Arroyo brothers
The Bisbal brothers
The Camacho family
  • Felix Camacho, WBF Junior Featherweight Champion
  • Héctor Camacho, (Felix's brother), WBC Super Featherweight & Lightweight, WBO Light Welterweight, IBC Welterweight, Middleweight & Junior Middleweight Champion
  • Héctor Camacho, Jr., (Felix's nephew), welterweight contender
The Cotto family
  • Miguel Cotto, WBO Light Welterweight, WBA & WBO Welterweight, WBA Super Welterweight, WBC Middleweight Champion
  • José Miguel Cotto, (Miguel's brother), WBO Intercontinental Super Featherweight Champion
  • Abner, (Miguel's cousin), lightweight prospect
The Solis brothers
The Trinidad family
  • Felix Trinidad, Sr., 1970s journeyman boxer, legendary trainer and manager
  • Felix Trinidad, (Felix's son), IBF & WBC Welterweight, WBA Super Middleweight, IBF Junior Middleweight, WBA Middleweight Champion
  • Juan Gomez-Trinidad, 1990s lightweight contender
The Vázquez family


The Simion brothers
  • Marian Simion, Light Middleweight Silver Medal at 2000 Summer Olympics
  • Dorel Simion, Welterweight Bronze Medal at 2000 Summer Olympics



The Galaxy brothers
The Payakaroon brothers
  • Samart Payakaroon, WBC Super Bantamweight Champion, famous Muay Thai boxer
  • Kongtoranee Payakaroon, famous Muay Thai boxer
The Sor Vorapin brothers


The Kamsing brothers
The Boonjumnong brothers

Trinidad and Tobago[edit]

The Noel brothers
  • Claude Noel, WBA Lightweight Champion
  • David Noel, 1980s contender


The Klitschko brothers

United Kingdom[edit]

The Eubank family
  • Chris Eubank, WBO Middleweight & Super Middleweight Champion
  • Chris Eubank, Jr., (Chris's son), middleweight contender
  • Peter Eubank, (Chris's brother)
  • Simon Eubank, (Chris's brother)
  • Frank Eubank, (Chris's cousin)
The Finnegan brothers
The Hatton brothers
The Khan brothers
  • Amir Khan, WBA & WBC Super Lightweight, WBO & WBA Lightweight, WBC & WBA Welterweight, IBF Junior Welterweight Champion
  • Haroon Khan, Flyweight Bronze Medal at 2010 Commonwealth Games
The London family
The Minter family

United States[edit]

The Ali family
  • Muhammad Ali, NABF, WBA & WBC Heavyweight Champion
  • Rahman Ali, (Muhammad's brother), heavyweight
  • Laila Ali, (Muhammad's daughter), WBC Female Super Middleweight Champion
  • Ibn Ali, (Muhammed's nephew), cruiserweight and heavyweight
The Alvarado family
The Ayala family
  • Tony Ayala, Sr., former boxer and trainer of his four sons
  • Tony Ayala, Jr., (Tony's son), light middleweight contender
  • Mike Ayala, (Tony's son), NABF Super Bantamweight & Featherweight Champion
  • Sammy Ayala, (Tony's son), 1980's welterweight contender
  • Paulie Ayala, (Tony's son), 1980's featherweight contender
The Baer brothers
The Baltazar brothers
The Byrd family
  • Joe Byrd Sr., 1992 US Olympic Team Head Coach
  • Antoine Byrd, (Joe's son), middleweight title challenger
  • Chris Byrd, (Joe's son), WBO & IBF Heavyweight Champion
  • Patrick Byrd, (Joe's son), welterweight
  • Tracy Byrd, (Joe's daughter), IFBA Lightweight & WIBO Jr. Welterweight Champion
  • Lamon Brewster, (Joe's nehpew), WBO Heavyweight Champion
The Carbajal brothers
The Canizales brothers
The Curry brothers
  • Bruce Curry, WBC Super Lightweight Champion
  • Graylin Curry, junior middleweight
  • Donald Curry, WBA, IBF & WBC Welterweight, WBC Super Welterweight Champion
The Eklund & Ward brothers
The Foreman family
  • George Foreman, IBF & WBA Heavyweight Champion
  • Freeda Foreman, (George's daughter), female contender
  • George Foreman III, (George's son), heavyweight contender
The Frazier family
  • Joe Frazier, NYSAC, WBC & WBA Heavyweight Champion
  • Jackie Frazier-Lyde, (Joe's daughter), WIBA Light Heavyweight Champion
  • Joe Frazier, Jr., (Joe's son)
  • Marvis Frazier, (Joe's son), heavyweight challenger
  • Tyrone Frazier, 1980s contender
The Fullmer brothers
  • Don Fullmer, middleweight contender
  • Gene Fullmer, WBA Middleweight Champion
  • Jay Fullmer, lightweight and welterweight
The García family
The Gardner brothers
  • George Gardner, World Light Heavyweight Champion
  • Billy Gardner, New England Featherweight Champion
  • Jimmy Gardner, World Welterweight Champion
The Gibbons brothers
The Hagler & Sims brothers
The Hearns family
  • Thomas Hearns, WBA Welterweight & Light Heavyweight, WBC Light Middleweight & Light Heavyweight, WBO Super Middleweight, IBO Cruiserweight Champion
  • Billy Hearns, (Thomas's brother), junior lightweight
  • Ronald Hearns, (Thomas's son), middleweight title challenger
The Hopkins family
  • Bernard Hopkins, IBF, WBO, WBA & WBC Middleweight, IBO, WBC, IBF & WBA Light Heavyweight Champion
  • Demetrius Hopkins, (Bernard's nephew), USBA Light Welterweight Champion
The Jackson family
The Judah family
  • Yoel Judah, boxing trainer and kickboxing champion
  • Johnny Saxton, (Yoel's uncle), World Welterweight Champion
  • Daniel Judah, (Yoel's son), light heavyweight contender
  • Josiah Judah, (Yoel's son), super middleweight prospect
  • Zab Judah, (Yoel's son), IBF & WBO Light Welterweight, WBC, WBA & IBF Welterweight Champion
The Leonard brothers
  • Roger Leonard, junior welterweight contender
  • Sugar Ray Leonard, WBC & WBA Welterweight, WBA Light Middleweight, WBC Middleweight, Light Heavyweight & Super Middleweight Champion
The Litzau brothers
The Lopez brothers
The Magdaleno brothers
The Mancini family
The Mayweather family
  • Floyd Mayweather, Sr., 1970s–1980s contender, trainer
  • Floyd Mayweather, Jr., (Floyd Sr.'s son), WBC Super Featherweight, WBC Lightweight & Light Welterweight, IBF, WBC & WBA Welterweight, WBC & WBA Light Middleweight Champion
  • Jeff Mayweather, (Floyd Sr.'s brother) 1990s lightweight contender
  • Roger Mayweather, (Floyd Sr.'s brother), Floyd Jr.'s Trainer, WBA Super Featherweight, WBC Light Welterweight Champion
  • Justin Mayweather Jones, (Floyd Sr.'s son)
The McCrory brothers
The McGirt family
The Norris brothers
The Patterson family
  • Floyd Patterson, World Heavyweight Champion
  • Ray Patterson, (Floyd's brother), heavyweight contender
  • Tracy Harris Patterson, (Floyd's son), WBC Super Bantamweight, IBF Super Featherweight Champion
The Quarry brothers
The Richardson family
  • Greg Richardson, WBC Bantamweight Champion
  • Durrell Richardson, light middleweight challenger
  • Chester, Golden Glove Champ
  • Randy, Golden Glove Champ
  • Ollie, Golden Glove Champ
The Russell brothers
The Sandoval brothers
The Spinks family
  • Leon Spinks, WBA & WBC Heavyweight Champion
  • Michael Spinks, (Leon's brother), WBA, WBC, IBF & World Light Heavyweight, IBF Heavyweight Champion
  • Leon Spinks, Jr., (Leon's son), fought as Leon Calvin
  • Darrel Spinks, (Leon's son), super welterweight
  • Cory Spinks, (Leon's son), IBF & WBC Welterweight, IBF Junior Middleweight Champion
  • Leon Spinks III, (Leon's grandson)
The Vargas brothers
The Weaver brothers
  • Mike Weaver, WBA Heavyweight Champion
  • Floyd Weaver, junior middleweight contender
  • Lloyd Weaver, middleweight contender
  • Troy Weaver, super middleweight contender
The Webber sisters


The España brothers