Nothing But the Night

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Nothing But the Night
Nothing But the Night poster.jpg
Directed by Peter Sasdy
Written by Brian Hayles
John Blackburn
Starring Christopher Lee
Peter Cushing
Distributed by J. Arthur Rank Film Distributors
Release dates
January 1973
Running time
90 min.
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Nothing But the Night is a 1973 British horror film directed by Peter Sasdy, starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing.


Three trustees of the Van Traylen fund have died during the last months, their deaths resembling suicides. But after a mysterious bus accident involving the final three trustees and 30 orphan children, police colonel Bingham (Christopher Lee) starts investigating and notices discrepancies that make him question whether it was an accident. One of the orphans is treated by a psychiatrist, and when that doctor ends up murdered, it becomes obvious that something sinister is going on, and not just coincidental deaths. The dead psychiatrist's supervisor, Sir Ashley (Peter Cushing), agrees to help the police with the hopes of finding the truth behind the mysterious happenings.



  • The Peter Cushing Companion by David Miller
  • Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing and Horror Cinema, by Mark A. Miller

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