Nothing Is Okay

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Nothing Is Okay
Studio album by The Everybodyfields
Released August 21, 2007
Label Ramseur Records
The Everybodyfields chronology
Plague of Dreams Nothing is Okay

Nothing is Okay is a 2007 album by The Everybodyfields.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Aeroplane
  2. Lonely Anywhere
  3. Don't Turn Around
  4. Leaving Today
  5. Birthday
  6. Savior
  7. Be Miner
  8. Wasted Time
  9. Everything Is Okay
  10. Tuesday
  11. Over and Done
  12. Out on the Highway

Other information[edit]

Also includes bonus track "Worker's Playtime" following the end of "Out on the Highway". "Worker's Playtime" is an extended version of the theme song of the WQFS radio show of the same name hosted by Kathy Clark.