Nothingface (Nothingface album)

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Studio album by Nothingface
Released 1995
Genre Alternative metal
Label Self-Released/Sick6 Records (Re-Issue)
Producer Nothingface
Nothingface chronology
Nothingface Demo

Nothingface is the independent release by Washington, D.C.-based alternative metal band Nothingface. The album was originally released in 1995, but has been re-issued as a digital download on April 30, 2009 and as a limited edition vinyl (via Play The Assassin Records) on May 26, 2009. It is the first album with lead singer Matt Holt.

Track listing[edit]

1995 Original

  1. "Defaced"
  2. "Perfect Person"
  3. "Severed"
  4. "Useless"
  5. "Self Punishment"
  6. "Hitch"
  7. "Carousel"
  8. "Deprive"
  9. "Godkill"
  10. "Communion"