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Not to be confused with Notre Dame University Bangladesh.
For other universities and colleges named "Notre Dame", see Notre Dame (disambiguation).
Notre Dame College, Dhaka
Logo of the Notre Dame College Dhaka

Diligite Lumen Sapientiae

(love the light of wisdom)
Established 1949
Type Higher Secondary School, University Affiliated College
Principal Fr. Hemonto Peuse Rozario CSC (2012 - )
Students 4500
Location Dhaka, Bangladesh
Campus Urban
Nickname NDC

Notre Dame College (Bengali: নটর ডেম কলেজ) or NDC is a higher secondary school as well as a degree college affiliated to the National University. It is situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh and is administrated by the Congregation of Holy Cross, Society of Priests. (In the Indian subcontinent, as in the UK, higher secondary schools, comprising the 11th and 12th year of education, are often referred to as 'colleges'). The college also offers three-year degree program, Bachelor of Arts (B.A. Pass Course) and Bachelor of Social Sciences (B.S.S. Pass Course). In 2009 the institution celebrated its 60th anniversary.


Notre Dame College was established in Arambagh, Motijheel, Dhaka in November, 1949. It was established by the Roman Catholic Priests from the Congregation of Holy Cross because of the crisis in the education sector of the new born East Pakistan. It was known as the St. Gregory College, an extension of the St. Gregory's School, which was also established by the mission. It was relocated to its current location in Motijheel in 1954 and renamed to Notre Dame College. The new name was a tribute to the University of Notre Dame, the alma mater of many of the faculty members. In French Notre Dame means Our Lady, that stands for Mother Mary.

Since the 1980s (after the liberation war), Notre Dame College gained reputation of the best institution for higher secondary education in the country. The highest number of perfect GPA holders in national examination (H.S.C.) and the exceptional success of its students in university admission tests bear testimony to this.

Notre Dame Alumni Association (NDAA)[edit]

Notre Dame College founded its alumni association in 2012. The first alumni annual meeting was held in college premises in December 22, 2012. Some of the notable alumni-

  • Justice Mainur Reza Choudhury- Former Chief Justice, Peoples Republic of Bangladesh
  • Justice Habibul Islam Bhuiyan- A Renowned Advocate of the Country
  • Dr. Giasuddin Ahmed- A Renowned Intellectual,Martyred in 1971
  • Dr. Kamal Hossain- The Writer of the Constitution of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh
  • Dr. Syed Abdus Samad- Honorable Executive Chairman(Minister),Board of Investment,Bangladesh
  • Dr. Rashiduddin Ahmed- A World Renowned Neurosurgon
  • Dr. Nasim Akhtar- Cardiologist,Heart Center of North Texas,United States of America
  • Dr. Sirajul Islam Chowdhury-Professor Emeritus,University of Dhaka
  • Dr. Syed Twareque Ali-Professor,University of Concordia,Canada
  • Dr. Abdul Mueen Khan- Former Minister,Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Dr. Ahmed Shafee- Honorable Vice Chancellor,East West University
  • Dr. M R Kabir- Honorable Pro Vice Chancellor, University of Asia Pacific
  • Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury- Former Foreign Adviser,Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Dr. Muhammad Zahir- Famous Lawyer
  • Dr. Shaikh Seraj- A Renowned Agriculturist
  • Dr. Mahfuz Anam- Editor,The Daily Star
  • Dr. Nazmul Huda- Former minister,Ministry of Communication
  • Dr. A.F.M. Ruhul Haque- Former Minister,Ministry of Health
  • Dr. Arshad Mansoor- Senior Vice President,EPRI California,USA
  • Nurul Quadir- Ambassador of Mujibnagar Government
  • Dr. Anwar Zahid- Principal Engineer of the Ever-Largest Project in US Civil Work
  • Muhammad Zamir- Former Ambassador and A Renowned Personality
  • Advocate Promode Mankin- Honorable Minister,The Department of Social Service
  • Engineer Hasanul Haq Inu- Honorable Minister,Ministry of Information Technology
  • Chowdhury Tanvir Ahmed Siddique- Former Minister, Ministry of Commerce
  • Architect Yafes Osman- Honorable Minister,Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Lieutenant General Hasan Mashhud Choudhury- Former Chief of Army Staff,Bangladesh Army
  • Lieutenant General Mohammad Mainul Islam- Former Chief of General Staff,Bangladesh Army
  • Major General John Gomez- Former Amabassador
  • Major General Zia Ahmed- Former Chairman,Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission
  • Major General Amjad Khan Chowdhury- Chairman,PRAN-RFL Group
  • Syed Margub Morshed-Former Chairman,Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission
  • Faridur Reza Sagor- Managing Director,Channel i
  • Samuel Chowdhury- Chairman,Square Group
  • Tapan Choudhury- Chairman,Square Pharmaceuticals
  • Anjan Chowdhury- Chairman,Square Toiletries
  • Muhammad Aziz Khan- Chairman, Summit Group
  • Muhammad Latif Khan- Managing Director,Summit Group
  • Muhammad Farid Khan- Managing Director,Summit Group
  • Niaz Rahim- Managing Director,Rahimafrooz Group
  • Abdul Mannan Ahmed- Executive Director,Nitol Group
  • Tareque Masud- Internationally Acclaimed Bangladeshi Filmmaker
  • Azad Abul Kalam- Renowned Drama Director in the Country
  • Musa Ibrahim- First Bangladeshi to Reach the Top of Mount Everest
  • M A Muhit- Second Bangladeshi to Reach the top of Mount Everest
  • Hamin Ahmed- Founder of the Renowned Band "MILES"
  • Bappa Mazumdar- Renowned Musician and Singer of the Country
  • Tahsan Rahman Khan- Renowned Singer of the Country
  • Fuad Al Muktadir- Renowned Musician of the Country

Students of the college[edit]

Every year Notre Dame College takes around 1450 students in science,'450 students' in Arts and'750 students' in commerce group through the most competitive college admission process in the country. With the prestige of the highest number of perfect GPA holders in national examination (H.S.C.), Notre Dame College affords to accept students only with exceptional merit and caliber.

Clubs of Notre Dame College[edit]

Notre Dame College has 19 extracurricular clubs (Source: Blue and Gold, Yearly Magazine, 2002-2004) including:

  • Notre Dame Science Club Science Club
  • Notre Dame Debating Club
  • Notre Dame Adventure Club
  • Notre Dame Rover Scouts NDCRS
  • Notre Dame Business Club
  • Notre Dame Chess Club
  • Notre Dame Manabik Shongho
  • Notre Dame Nature Study Club
  • Notre Dame Degree Club
  • Yuva (Youth) Red Crescent
  • Notre Dame Rotaract Club
  • Notre Dame Natya dal (Theatre Group)
  • Notre Dame Abritti Dol (Reciting Group)
  • Notre Dame History club
  • Association for Medical help and Environmental Health promotion
  • International Understanding and Relation Club
  • Notre Dame Cultural Club
  • Lekhok Kunjo (Writers' Guild)
  • Notre Dame English Club

Notre Dame Debating Club, moderated by Fr. Adam S. Pereirra CSC, celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2003.

Notre Dame Science Club, moderated by Professor Vincent Titas Rozario, is the oldest and greatest science club in the country.It is also the only club in BANGLADESH renowned in the whole world. It celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 1999. Notre Dame Natya Dal, moderated by Md.Akhteruzzaman,a very friendly moderatoe,works with his theatre mania student,working in this post from 2006.its celebrated its 20th year in gives a huge arena for those are interested in drama.Tajbir Sajib,Honorable mention lauriet notredamian,is the founder president of this club. Notre Dame Nature Study Club was founded by Mr. Mizanur Rahman Bhuiyan, Head of dept of Biology, NDC on August 29, 1984.


Notre Dam College Admission 2014 HSC Final Result. Blue and Gold is the year book of Notre Dame College. Notre Dame College publishes students' monthly magazines- Dhak Dhol - Chit Chat. Each club has its own yearly magazine/publication. Among them AUDRI of Notre Dame Science Club is the most famous.NISHORGA,annual magajine of Notre Dame Nature Study Club is also worth mentioning.From last few years Notre Dame Natya Dal has been publishing " Moncho",a magazine depicts its activities and about theatre,edited by Rajesh Singha Mithun.


The college is managed by priests of the Congregation of Holy Cross in Dhaka. Since its establishment, ten priests have served as the principal of the college.

College Canteen
  • John J. Harrington, 1949–54
  • James L. Martin,1954–60
  • Theotonius Amal Ganguly, March, 1960 - October, 1960
  • William Graham, 1960–67
  • John Vanden Bossche, 1967–69
  • Joseph S.Peixotto, 1969–70
  • Richard Timm, 1970–71
  • Ambrose Wheeler, 1971–76
  • Joseph S.Peixotto, 1976-1998
  • Benjamin Costa, 1998- 2012
  • Hemanta Peus Rosario, 2012-

Among them, Father Timm is a renowned biologist and a winner of the 1987 Ramon Magsaysay award for International understanding. Father Timm is also the founder moderator of Notre Dame Science Club and Notre Dame Debating Club.

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