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A man on stilts talks to a police officer at Nottingham Pride 2010.

Nottingham Pride (aka Nottinghamshire Pride) is a registered charity[1] which organises an annual gay pride festival held in The Arboretum in the city of Nottingham, United Kingdom. It happens in July and the first event was in 1999. It aims to eliminate discrimination against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

The event usually consists of a day long celebration, where there are stalls of art and music.

The crowds at the 2010 event.

"The purpose of Pride is to provide a safe focal point to bring together our community to celebrate our diversity and a sense of pride which for some people may be difficult in every day life, due to prejudice and injustice."[2]

Pride 2009 took place on 25 July in the Nottingham Arboretum. Pride 2010 took place on 31 July on the Forest Recreation Ground. It was officially opened by the Lord Mayor of Nottingham, Brian Grocock and the event was headlined by The Cheeky Girls, with other acts including Kenelis, Lisa Scott-Lee and Betty. Pride 2011 had over 20,000 visitors, with headline act Ruth Lorenzo performing.

Since 2011, E.ON UK have been the principal sponsor of Nottinghamshire Pride.

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