Nouakchott Wharf

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The Nouakchott Wharf is a port located in Nouakchott, Mauritania


Plans were drawn up at the beginning of 1963 to build a port called Port Wharf in the fishing harbour of Nouadhibou, which included the construction of industrial and trade buildings. This became operational in 1966. This wharf, located 350km south of Nouadhibou and 450km north of Dakar was designed to accommodate traffic of up to 50,000 tonnes.

In 1977 the Wharf was lengthened to provide 3 extra berths for ships of average tonnage raising its capacity to 320,000 tonnes.


Imported goods include wheat, cement, clinker, flour, sugar, semolina, milk and general equipment. Exports include plaster from Samia, Mauritania's main producer, animal skins and fish.