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Nouse front page, 22 January 2013.png
Media Type: Newspaper and Website
Launched: 1964
University: University of York
Other University Media: Television – YSTV
Radio – URY
Newspaper – Vision
On campus 3 times a term
Online Frequently during term time, breaking news only during holidays

Nouse (/ˈnz/ NOOZ; Ancient Greek: nous, meaning intellect, or common sense; also the local River Ouse)[1] is a student newspaper and website at the University of York. It is the oldest registered society of, and funded by, the University of York Students' Union.[2] Founded in 1964 by student Nigel Fountain,[3] some twenty years before its rival York Vision. Nouse is printed three times a term, with frequent website updates in between print runs.

Unlike many other university newspapers, which have sabbatical editors, Nouse′s staff is made up entirely of current students.

It has changed dramatically in outlook and presentation over the years, being known at one point as the Nouse Co-operative or NouseCoop, and presenting itself as a samizdat publication throughout the 1980s[citation needed]. In its current incarnation, Nouse is a politically left-of-centre paper. The last edition of the 2006–07 academic year was printed in full-size broadsheet format, but it is now printed in tabloid format.

In last few years Nouse has become one of the university's largest media societies, picking up multiple nominations and wins in the National Student Journalism Awards and Guardian Student Media Awards.[4][5]

The Borthwick Institute for Archives at the University of York Library has an archive of Nouse editions that stretches back to the first edition 1964.[6]


The main section contains a news section, a politics section, a comment and opinions section, business section, science section and a campus sport section.

MUSE, the arts and features supplement, includes features, arts, fashion, music, film and food and drinks and columns pages.

The website holds an archive of the printed pieces from 2005, as well as publishing content such as breaking news, sports results, live coverage of campus events and other features not in the print edition.[7] 2008/09 Technical Director Chris Northwood led Nouse's push into new media, re-designing its award-winning website. The website was once again re-designed in 2013 by Technical Directors Josh Goodwin and Tim Waterson.

In 2012 the paper began Nouse Events, a new events series.[8] Under managing director Harry Lambert, they most recently held a unique meeting of the UK's top student papers and national editors at the Frontline Club in London.[9]

In the same year Nouse Masterclasses[10] was set up, a series of events in which professional journalists, editors and designers are invited to lecture at the University of York.


Through the year Nouse publishes four supplements:

  • Roses Supplement: A guide to the annual sports tournament against Lancaster
  • London Fashion Week Supplement: A guide to the Autumn/Winter Collections at London Fashion Week (LFW). Nouse has been covering LFW since 2011, and in 2013 covered more than 40 shows with a team of ten writers and photographers.
  • Freshers' Supplement: A guide to the university for new students.
  • Special Supplement: This varies from year to year, but in the past has been a student travel supplement (2011) and a book supplement (2012).


Nouse has had continued success in the a number of awards, and most notably in the Guardian Student Media Awards. Most recently the newspaper was runner-up (2012).

Here is a full list of the paper's achievements since 2005:

  • 2005 Winner – Best Student Newspaper, NUS/Mirror National Student Journalism Awards.
  • 2005 Shortlisted – Best Design, NUS/Mirror awards.[11]
  • 2005 Runner-up – Best Newspaper, Guardian Student Media Awards.
  • 2006 Shortlisted – Best Newspaper, Guardian Student Media Awards.
  • 2006 Shortlisted – Best Newspaper, National Student Journalism Awards.
  • 2006 Shortlisted – Best Publication Design, Guardian Student Media Awards.
  • 2006 Shortlisted – Best Features Writer (Toby Green), NUS Awards.[12]
  • 2007 Winner – Student Journalist of the Year (Heidi Blake), Guardian Student Media Awards.
  • 2007 Winner – Best Features Writer (Heidi Blake), Guardian Student Media Awards.
  • 2007 Winner – Best Diversity Writer (Heidi Blake), Guardian Student Media Awards.
  • 2007 Runner-up – Best Website, Guardian Student Media Awards.[13]
  • 2008 Runner-up – Best Newspaper, Guardian Student Media Awards.
  • 2008 Runner-up – Student Website of the Year, Guardian Student Media Awards.
  • 2008 Winner – Best Features Writer (Nicky Woolf), Guardian Student Media Awards.[14]
  • 2009 Winner – Best Student Media, NUS Awards.
  • 2009 Winner – Best Student Broadcaster (Anna Bucks), NUS Awards.
  • 2009 Shortlisted – Student Journalist of the Year (Henry James Foy), NUS Awards.[15]
  • 2009 Winner – Best Website, Guardian Student Media Awards.
  • 2009 Runner-up – Student Features Writer of the Year (Holly Thomas), Guardian Student Media Awards.[16]
  • 2009 Shortlisted – Best Diversity Writer (Liam O'Brien), Guardian Student Media Awards.
  • 2009 Shortlisted – Best Sports Journalist (John Halstead), Guardian Student Media Awards.
  • 2010 Shortlisted – Best Student Media, NUS Awards.[17]
  • 2011 Shortlisted – Best Student Media, NUS Awards.[18]
  • 2011 Shortlisted – Best Features Writer (Camilla Apcar), Guardian Student Media Awards.
  • 2011 Shortlisted – Best Critic (Tom Killingbeck), Guardian Student Media Awards.
  • 2011 Runner-up – Best Columnist (Charlotte-Hogarth Jones), Guardian Student Media Awards.
  • 2012 Runner-up – Best Digital Journalist (Jonathon Frost), Guardian Student Media Awards.
  • 2012 Runner-up – Student Publication of the Year, Guardian Student Media Awards.[19]
  • 2013 Shortlisted - Student Critic of the Year (Alfie Packham), Guardian Student Media Awards
  • 2013 Shortlisted - Student Columnist of the Year (Adam Seldon), Guardian Student Media Awards[20]

Notable contributors[edit]

University of York Chancellor, and Director of the FA, Greg Dyke wrote a column for the paper in the early 1970s, 'Gryke'.

The late Labour MP Tony Banks and the author Anthony Horowitz also wrote for the paper early in its history.[21]

Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens wrote a comment piece in October 2012.[22]



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