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Calcium sodium phosphosilicate
Molecular formula CaNaO6PSi
Molar mass 218.123431
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NovaMin is the brand name of a particulate bioactive glass that is used in dental care products for remineralisation of teeth. It was developed and patented by NovaMin Technology, Inc.. The active ingredient is the inorganic chemical calcium sodium phosphosilicate.[1]

NovaMin delivers silica and ionic calcium, phosphorus, and sodium, which are necessary for bone and tooth mineralization.

How it works[edit]

NovaMin particles bind to the tooth surface and, when the particle comes in contact with saliva and water, reacts with the water to release calcium and phosphate ions. These ions are protected by glass particles so that they can be delivered to specific locations rather than as a liquid solution. Sodium ions in the particles exchange with hydrogen cations, which allows the calcium and phosphate ions to be released. A calcium phosphate layer then forms and crystallizes as hydroxylapatite, a form of hard and strong mineral in teeth. The physical occlusion of dentinal tubules results from both the hydroxylapatite layer and the residual NovaMin particles.[1][2]

The chemical reaction that leads to hydroxylapatite is:

5Ca2+ + 3PO43– + OH → Ca5(PO4)3(OH)


Products containing NovaMin[edit]

Although some products are sold only through dentists, other products are available in stores or via Internet sales. The following products currently contain NovaMin:

  • OSspray Sylc Therapeutic Prophy Powder [4] (US & EU)
  • OSspray Sylc SmarTip Prophy System [5] (US & EU)
  • NUPRO Sensodyne Prophylaxis Paste with NovaMin, used in professional teeth cleaning by dentists and hygienists for cleaning, stain removal and sensitivity relief
  • Nanosensitive hca (EU)
  • SensiShield (EU) *** Discontinued after GSK bought Novamin. ***
  • SHY-NM (India)
  • Vantej (India)
  • Odontis-Rx (Brazil)
  • Sensodyne Repair and Protect (EU, UK, Canada, India and Brazil) US and German versions do not contain Novamin
  • Sensodyne Complete Protection (called Sensodyne Complete Care in AU)


Despite being invented by a US company, Novamin containing products are not sold in the US.[5]

Acquisition of NovaMin by GSK[edit]

Novamin was acquired by GlaxoSmithKline in May 2010 for $135 million.[6]

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