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Highway 118 shield

Highway 118
Lakeview Drive
Route information
Maintained by Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal
Length: 15.5 km[1] (9.6 mi)
Major junctions
South end: Dartmouth44°40′54.9″N 63°34′27.2″W / 44.681917°N 63.574222°W / 44.681917; -63.574222 (Dartmouth Terminus)
  Hwy 111 near Dartmouth
Hwy 107 near Burnside
North end: Hwy 102 near Fall River44°48′28.9″N 63°36′1.8″W / 44.808028°N 63.600500°W / 44.808028; -63.600500 (Fall River Terminus)
Highway system

Provincial highways in Nova Scotia

Hwy 113 Hwy 125
Highway 118, north of Dartmouth at the village of Waverley.

Highway 118, in Nova Scotia, is a short suburban freeway connecting (officially) Victoria Road via Woodland Ave. in Dartmouth with Highway 102 at Fall River, 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) to the north. The highway crosses the Historic Shubenacadie Canal. Running parallel to the highway from the Waverley Road to exit 14 is a portion of the Halifax Lateral of the Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline (natural gas). It also runs along the western shore of Lake Micmac and the western edge of Shubie Park and is known as Lakeview Drive. The highway serves both as a "A-Train and B-Train" route between the Burnside Industrial Park and Highway 102. The highway has the only collector-express section in Atlantic Canada. It is located at the new exit 12 Dartmouth Crossing interchange.

The south end of provincial maintenance is at the Highway 111 interchange.[2]


In the early 1970s, it was decided that a new highway was required to directly link Highway 102 with Dartmouth. In 1972, the then Department of Highways expropriated a portion of land for the construction of Highway 118. The highway was completed in the late 1970s.

Exit list[edit]

The entire route is in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Location km # Destinations Notes Coordinates
Dartmouth 2 Micmac Boulevard, Lancaster Drive At-grade 44°41′8.4″N 63°34′9″W / 44.685667°N 63.56917°W / 44.685667; -63.56917 (Nova Scotia Highway 118-Lancaster Drive)
3 *11 Hwy 111 to Trunk 7 (Main Street) / Route 318 – Eastern Shore, Bedford, Halifax, Mackay Bridge 44°41′31.4″N 63°33′45.7″W / 44.692056°N 63.562694°W / 44.692056; -63.562694 (Nova Scotia Highway 118-Exit 11)
5 *12 Wright Avenue, Commodore Drive - Dartmouth Crossing Burnside Industrial Park 44°42′26.9″N 63°33′26.2″W / 44.707472°N 63.557278°W / 44.707472; -63.557278 (Nova Scotia Highway 118-Exit 12)
6 *13 Hwy 107 to Route 318 / Akerley Boulevard – Cole Harbour, Eastern Shore, Burnside Industrial Park Signed as exits 13E (east) and 13W (west) 44°43′58.9″N 63°33′46.8″W / 44.733028°N 63.563000°W / 44.733028; -63.563000 (Nova Scotia Highway 118-Exit 13)
Waverley 13 *14 To Trunk 2 / Route 318 – Fall River, Waverley, Wellington Northbound exit and southbound entrance 44°48′13.2″N 63°36′1″W / 44.803667°N 63.60028°W / 44.803667; -63.60028 (Nova Scotia Highway 118-Nova Scotia Highway 102)
Fall River 14 Hwy 102 north – Halifax International Airport Northbound exit and southbound entrance 44°48′28.1″N 63°36′2″W / 44.807806°N 63.60056°W / 44.807806; -63.60056 (Nova Scotia Highway 118-Exit 14)
  • Exit 1 was used from 1971 to 2007 and renumbered Exit 11
  • Exits 2 and 3 used to be a work site until construction started on Dartmouth Crossing in 2005
  • Exit 4 was used until 1979, when it was renumbered to Exit 13
  • Exit 5 was also used until 1979, when it was renumbered to Exit 14


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