Nova Vas, Maribor

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Nova Vas (literally meaning New Village) is a city district of the city of Maribor in Slovenia. In 2012, the district had a population of 10,391.[1] It is the smallest district in the city, but one of the biggest by population. [1] It is almost fully covered by apartment blocks. Nova Vas was built in the 1980s. The highest building is about 8 stories high. Beacouse Nova Vas has a big population, it has been split into Nova Vas 1 and Nova Vas 2, but this is not official. The district includes the Adolf Drolc Clinic and the Maribor Police Station No. 2. Two schools are located in Nova Vas; one is in Nova Vas 2 (Leon Štukelj's Maribor Primary School) and one in Nova Vas 1 (Tabor Primary School No. 1).[1]


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Coordinates: 46°32′39″N 15°36′52″E / 46.54417°N 15.61444°E / 46.54417; 15.61444