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Novecento is a popular Italian musical group, founded by Pino Nicolosi, Lino Nicolosi and Rossana Nicolosi, in 1984. Vocalist Dora Nicolosi later married Lino Nicolosi. Their music has gone through a variety of genres, such as Italo disco (early work), synthpop, soft rock, pop rock, jazz and funk. The band was mainly active in the 1980s and the 1990s, and became very popular with the song "Cry" in 2008.

Their initial success was through the debut single "Movin' On" which sold more than 100,000 copies. The band won "Revelation of the Year" in its year of establishment in 1984 during the national television event Azzurro 1984. As a result, they were signed to Italian Five Record and Baby Records, with international distribution via WEA, Warner Music and ZTT. The first period of the band ended in 1997. 2008 saw a brief comeback of the band, and they went on to have huge success with the single "Cry".


  • Dora Carofiglio - vocals
  • Lino Nicolosi - guitar
  • Rossana Nicolosi - bass
  • Pino Nicolosi - Piano, keyboards



  • 1984: Novecento (WEA Italiana)
  • 1986: Dreamland (Art Records)
  • 1989: Shine (Five Record)
  • 1991: Leaving Now (Discomagic Records)
  • 1992: Necessary (Baby Records)
  • 1997: C'è un mondo che (Crisler Music)
  • 2002: Featuring
  • 2008: Secret
Compilation albums
  • 1990: The Best
  • 1993: Collection
  • 2003: Greatest Hits: The History


  • 1984: "Movin' On"/"Splendid Moment Together" (WEA Italiana)
  • 1984: "The Only One"/"Take a Chance" (WEA Italiana)
  • 1985: "Why Me"/"Someday" (WEA Italiana)
  • 1986: "Excessive Love"/"Single Reason" (Art Records)
  • 1986: "Dreamland Paradise"/"Near Me" (Art Records)
  • 1987: "Changes"/"Changes" (dub version) (CGD)
  • 1988: "Broadway"/"Mama Say Ye" (Five Record) (12")
  • 1989: "Darei"/"Tabù" (Five Record)
  • 1990: "I Need Love"/"I Need Love" (remix) (Hundred Records) (12")
  • 1991: "Heart on the Line"/"In the Rain" (Discomagic Records) (12")
  • 1992: "Day and Night" (Baby Records) (12")
  • 1998: "Sogni che rimangono"
  • 2008: "Cry"
  • 2008: "Stop the Time"