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For other uses, see Novice (disambiguation).
Studio album by Alain Bashung
Released 1989
Recorded ICP Studio, Brussels
Genre French rock, Post-punk, Alternative rock
Label Barclay Records, Universal Music Group
Producer Nick Patrick
Alain Bashung chronology
Passé le Rio Grande
Osez Joséphine

Novice is the seventh studio album by French rocker Alain Bashung, issued in 1989 on Barclay Records.


The songwriting is split between Boris Bergman, marking is last collaboration with Bashung, and Jean Fauque who would go on to write his four subsequent albums. Bashung said about the album that it was a sequel of sort to his experiments on Play blessures. The album has a dark sound, and did not sell very well. One of the song, "By Proxy", is one of the very few original written entirely in English by Bashung.

The song "Alcaline" is a pun on French pop singer Christophe's song "Aline". In 2011, Christophe covered the song for the tribute album Tels Alain Bashung.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Pyromanes"   Boris Bergman - Alain Bashung 3:58
2. "Résidences"   Boris Bergman - Alain Bashung 3:34
3. "Légère éclaircie"   Boris Bergman - Alain Bashung 4:20
4. "Alcaline"   Boris Bergman - Alain Bashung 5:00
5. "Tu m'as jeté"   Jean Fauque - Alain Bashung 4:31
6. "Elle fait l'avion"   Boris Bergman - Alain Bashung 4:47
7. "Bombez !"   Jean Fauque - Alain Bashung 3:02
8. "Intrépide malgré la fièvre"   Boris Bergman - Alain Bashung 4:01
9. "Étrange été"   Jean Fauque - Alain Bashung 3:33
10. "Outrage (instrumental)"   Alain Bashung / Jean Fauque 0:36
11. "By Proxy"   Boris Bergman / P. Ives - Alain Bashung 3:49

Bonus Track (1993 CD reissue)[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
12. "Bombez ! (Version 1992)"   Jean Fauque - Alain Bashung 3:04
13. "Climax 4 (instrumental)"   Alain Bashung / André Georget 4:24




  • Realisation: Nick Patrick.
  • Mixing: Jean Trenchant and Nick Patrick.
  • Remix 1992 (12-13): Djoum.
  • Photographs: T.Rajic.
  • Graphism: Antonietti, Pascault & Associés.
  • Graphism: Huart/Cholley.
  • Editions: 1,2,3,4,6,8,11 & 12 Polygram Music/Pitchi-Poï; 5,7,9 & 10 Polygram Music.