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For the Novo-Ogarevo process, see New Union Treaty.

Novo-Ogaryovo (Russian: Ново-Огарёво), also Novo-Ogarevo, is an estate in the Odintsovo District of Moscow Oblast to the west of the city, by the Rublyovo-Uspenskoye Highway and is the location of a suburban official residence of the President of Russia, officially recognized as such in 2000.[1]

The residence was constructed on the basis of a 19th-century manor in the first half of the 1950s at the behest of Georgy Malenkov for his daughter.[2] Construction work was under way when Malenkov was removed from his position (1955), and this place was used as a state estate for housing high-placed guests, for receptions and as a place of work of various governmental committees.

Novo-Ogaryovo has been often referred to as one of "gosdachas", since Soviet leaders viewed it as their vacation retreat. Since 1991 it was reserved as a governmental residence, mostly unused until it was renovated by Vladimir Putin in 2000. A six-meter-high wall surrounds the presidential residence. During Putin's term in office, luxury dachas started to appear in the vicinity.

In October 2012, Putin announced his intention to work at Novo-Ogaryovo when possible, in order to avoid regular commutes into Moscow, which contribute to the city's extensive traffic.[3]

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Coordinates: 55°43′55″N 37°11′48″E / 55.73194°N 37.19667°E / 55.73194; 37.19667