Novomoskovsk, Ukraine

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For a city in Tula Oblast, see Novomoskovsk, Russia.

Novomoskovsk (Ukrainian: Новомосковськ) (Russian: Новомосковск) is a city in the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast (province) of Ukraine and a center of Novomoskovsk Raion (district). In 2001, the city's population was 72,439.

The city is located predominantly on the right bank of Samara River, which is one of the left confluents of Dnieper River. Until 1782, when the city has got its current name, it was known as Samar, Samara, or Samarchyk. The city is located 27 kilometres from the oblast capital, Dnipropetrovsk.

The city is famous for the Holy-Trinity Cathedral, built in 1778 by Yakym Pohrybniak from wood without any nails.

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Coordinates: 48°38′N 35°13′E / 48.633°N 35.217°E / 48.633; 35.217