Novorossiysk Governorate

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Novorossiysk Governorate
Governorate of Russian Empire





Location of New Russia
Capital Kremenchug
 -  Established March 22 1764
 -  First disestablishment 1783
 -  Reestablished December 1796
 -  Disestablished 1802
Political subdivisions provinces, uyezds

The Novorossiysk Governorate (Russian: губернiя; translit.: guberniya) was a governorate in the Russian Empire existing from 1764 until 1783, and again from 1796 to 1802. It was created on 2 April [O.S. 22 March] 1764 as a military district for the protection of the southern border of the empire and in preparation to the major military campaign of Russo-Turkish War. The governorate united the territories of New Serbia and New Sloboda, which today are located on the territory of Kirovohrad Oblast. The preparation was strategically successful and advantageous for Russians and upon the conclusion of the war it gave a way to access the Black Sea and establishing an area that became to be known as New Russia.

The capital of the governorate at first was the city of Kremenchug. The governorate initially was divided into three territories (polki) assigned to each regiment in the area: New Sloboda Cossaks Regiment, Black Hussars Regiment, and Yellow Hussars Regiment.


The Novorossiysk Governorate initially existed from 1764 until 1783.


In December 1796, Paul I reestablished the Novorossiysk Governorate, mostly with land from the former Yekaterinoslav Viceroyalty. In 1802, this province was divided into the Nikolayev Governorate (known as the Kherson Governorate from 1803), Yekaterinoslav Governorate, and the Taurida Governorate.


  • Bakhmut Province (1764-1775) transferred to the Azov Governorate
  • Kremenchug Province
  • Yekaterine Province
  • Yelizaveta Province


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