Nowlan Park

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Nowlan Park
Páirc Uí Nualláin
Location Kilkenny, County Kilkenny, Ireland
Coordinates 52°39′23″N 7°14′22″W / 52.65639°N 7.23944°W / 52.65639; -7.23944Coordinates: 52°39′23″N 7°14′22″W / 52.65639°N 7.23944°W / 52.65639; -7.23944
Owner Kilkenny GAA
Capacity 24,000
Field size 145 x 88 m
Public transit access Kilkenny railway station

Nowlan Park is the principal GAA stadium in Kilkenny, Ireland.[1] Named after James Nowlan (the longest serving President of the GAA), the stadium hosts major hurling matches and is home to the Kilkenny hurling team.

Nowlan Park also serves as a concert venue, with festivals featuring world famous performers such as Andrea Bocelli, Rod Stewart, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Shania Twain, Dolly Parton, and in July 2013 it played host to the European tour finale of Bruce Springsteen.[2]

It has two covered stands and two terraces, behind each goalpost. The current capacity of the stadium is approximately 24,000 with a seating capacity of 17,000.[3] Plans have just[when?] been announced to increase the capacity of the stadium to 40,000 in the next few years.[when?]

A large part of the Old Stand's roof was blown off during a violent storm on 12 February 2014. The rest was removed for health and safety reasons.[4][5]

History was made at Nowlan Park on 7 June 2014 when Kilkenny versus Offaly was broadcast on Sky Sports, the first time a Championship fixture of any kind was broadcast live to a UK-wide audience.[6][7] British viewers were reported to have been "amazed and confused [...] bemused but impressed [...] amused and confounded" after catching a glimpse of the teatime action.[8][9][10]

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