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Noyes, a surname and place name, may refer to:Norreys (also spelt Norris) may refer to various members of, or estates belonging to, a landed family chiefly seated in the English counties of Berkshire and Lancashire.

The Noyes family are descendants of the prominent family who first appear in England shortly after the Norman Invasion (1066) with the arrival of Lord William de Noyers (William of Noer), Steward of William the Conqueror. The name Noyes in England was first recorded in Norfolk, in 1066, Lord of the Manor of Brockdish, the King's land, feudal Lord William de Noyers, Count of Nevers seated originally at Poitevin and St-Cyr de Nevers in Normandy. He also held Grayhurst Manor through Bishop Odo from King William of Normandy. From this family also descend the Lords Monson and Viscounts Castlemaine. The original estates were sold in 1327. The village now consists of a church, St. Edmunds, which has both Saxon and Norman windows, obviously predating the Norman Conquest by many years. Geoffrey de Noers (Norreys), son of William de Noyers, had lands that were eventually combined with the lands of one Ivo le Norreys (born c. 1090), under Geoffrey's son Hugh de Noers (Norreys). Ivo le Norreys was a messenger for the King of Norway, King Sigurd, and first appears in records in 1122. No one is certain of the connection between Geoffrey de Noers and Ivo de Noers, though the two were most likely brothers or cousins. The combined properties included land in Cheshire, Lancashire, and Yorkshire.

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