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For the Wichita, Kansas restaurant, see Nu Way Cafe.
Nu-Way Weiners, Inc.
Restaurant information
Slogan "I'd Go a Long Way For a Nu-Way"
Established 1916
Current owner(s) Spyros Dermatas & James Cacavias
Food type hot dogs, hamburgers, breakfast
Street address 428 Cotton Ave.
City Macon
State Georgia
Postal code/ZIP 31201
Country United States
Coordinates 32°50′13″N 83°37′50″W / 32.836845°N 83.630561°W / 32.836845; -83.630561Coordinates: 32°50′13″N 83°37′50″W / 32.836845°N 83.630561°W / 32.836845; -83.630561
Other locations Central Georgia area

Nu-Way Weiners, Inc. is a company that operates a chain of fast food restaurants that started in Macon, Georgia, USA. Nu-Way is known for hot dogs (or wieners) – unique for their red color.[1] Nu-Way also serves other breakfast and lunch items, including pancakes, grits, sandwiches, and hamburgers.[2] As of 2014, there are 9 Nu-Way Weiner restaurants operating in the central Georgia area.[3] Nu-Way's slogan is "I'd Go a Long Way For a Nu-Way" and is a registered trademark of Nu-Way Weiners, Inc.[4]


In 1916, Greek American James Mallis opened a hot dog stand in Macon named “Nu-Way Weiners.”[5] Established the same year as Nathan's Famous hot dog stand in New York City, Nu-Way is one of the oldest hot dog restaurants in the United States.[6]

By 1968, there were three Nu-Way Weiner restaurants, which expanded to nine locations by 1972.[2] Nu-Way developed a clientele with a taste for its hot dogs with chili ("chili dogs") and hot dogs with cole slaw ("slaw dogs"). Because of that combination, The New York Times declared Nu-Way to be the "king" of the slaw dog "hill."[1] A quarter-pound hamburger, called the Mega-Burger, was also added to the menu. The original store with its neon sign is still in operation today, continuing to serve the same secret recipe chili sauce and private label wieners.[7] During the morning hours of March 13, 2015 the original Cotton Avenue location was destroyed by fire.[8] Fortunately, the iconic neon sign was saved from the blaze.[9] The owners have indicated the restaurant will be rebuilt.[10]

Current day[edit]

Recently, food critics have praised Nu-Way for its authentic Southern American cuisine and nostalgic atmosphere.[11][12] In November 2007, Nu-Way received widespread media attention when Oprah Winfrey visited the restaurant while in Macon to tape the annual Oprah's Favorite Things episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show.[13] She claimed that Nu-Way was one of her favorite things about Macon.[14]

In 1999, Nu-Way was featured on a PBS special "A Hot Dog Program".[15] The program was a one hour special that traveled to various locations in the United States, featuring "some of the finest hot dog houses in the country".[16]

Since 2000, Nu-Way's owners have worked to modernize the restaurants, including updated drive-through windows.[2] Nu-Way also sells t-shirts and other items with their slogan "I'd Go A Long Way For A Nu-Way."


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