Nude Beach (Bob's Burgers)

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"Nude Beach"
Bob's Burgers episode
Episode no. Season 3
Series 33
Episode 11
Directed by Wes Archer
Written by Scott Jacobson
Production code 2ASA20
Original air date January 13, 2013
Guest actors

Fred Armisen as Tommy
Aziz Ansari as Darryl
Andre Royo as himself

Episode chronology
← Previous
"Mother Daughter Laser Razor"
Next →
"Broadcast Wagstaff School News"
Bob's Burgers (season 3)
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"Nude Beach" is the 11th episode of the third season of the animated comedy series Bob's Burgers and the overall 33rd episode, and is written by Scott Jacobson and directed by Wes Archer. It aired on Fox in the United States on January 13, 2013.[1]


A nude beach opens near Bob's restaurant. Hugo the health inspector, who has been persecuting Bob for years, quits his job when he becomes a convert to the nude beach lifestyle. At first his replacement seems like a refreshing change, until he begins blackmailing Bob into letting him perform his music in the restaurant, which drives away the customers. Bob must compete in a "Nudecathalon" in order to force Hugo to return to his job. Meanwhile, the Belcher children attempt to profit from the beach by setting up a vantage point and charging other children to see the naked bathers.


Rowan Kaiser of The A.V. Club gave the episode a B, saying "All this is not to say that “Nude Beach” was a bad episode, though it might have been slightly below the increasingly high average that Bob's Burgers has set for itself. But it's the sort of episode that demonstrates that the show has a core backbone that it can rely on for steady episodes generally, and perhaps even better than in the cases where the balance works."[2]

The episode received a 2.3 rating and was watched by a total of 4.44 people. This made it the fourth most watched show on Animation Domination that night, beating The Cleveland Show but losing to Family Guy with 6.01 million.[3]


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