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Nudie Jeans is a Swedish clothing brand originating in Gothenburg and a subsidiary of Svenska Jeans AB, founded in 1999 by Maria Erixsson, a former employee and AD of Lee Europe and Swedish designer JC. As of 2003, the company had 12 employees, revenue of 93 million Swedish kronor and a net income of 13.6 million kronor. 70% of their revenue was generated outside of Sweden.[1] These figures are likely to have increased massively during the past 3 years as the brand has become more popular (in 2004, Nudie's net income increased by 70% [2]).

Nudie specialises in raw and prewashed denim jeans, but the company's collection includes many other items of casual clothing & accessories. In 2003, denim jeans comprised 70% of their total sales. The brand is, alongside Acne Jeans, WESC and J. Lindeberg, one of the most successful new Swedish clothing companies (both domestically & internationally); Nudie clothing retails in over 20 countries.

All Nudie jeans are made in Italy from denim produced in Italy, Turkey, and Japan. Tops are also produced in Portugal, India, and Turkey.

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