Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes

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Four frigates capturing Spanish treasure ships (5 October 1804) by Francis Sartorius, National Maritime Museum,UK.jpg
The sinking of the Mercedes
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Name: Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes
Launched: Havana, Cuba, 1786
Fate: Sunk by the British 5 October 1804
Notes: Thought to be the wreck discovered by Odyssey Marine Exploration, codenamed "Black Swan"[1][2]
General characteristics
Armament: 36 guns

The Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes (Our Lady of Mercy in English) was a Spanish frigate which was sunk by the British off the south coast of Portugal on 5 October 1804 during the Battle of Cape Santa Maria.

In popular culture[edit]

The CBC documentary "Secret World of Gold" about tracing gold's history referred to a shipwreck found off the coast of Portugal by a Marine Odyssey vessel based in Tampa, Florida. Peru attempted to claim the treasure as being originally plundered by the Spanish. However, a court case decided that the Spanish government was the rightful successor of interest because at the time of the wreck, Peru was considered a Spanish colony and not a separate legal entity, therefore it had no legal standing to be entitled to the proceeds of the lawsuit.

The approximate location of the Mercedes off Cape Santa Maria on the south coast of Spain

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