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Nugatti (close-up)

Nugatti is a Norwegian brand of chocolate spread made from hazelnuts and nougat. It comes in ordinary or economy-sized plastic tubs, or the latest addition, a small red tube, similar to toothpaste tubes, and is produced by Stabburet. [1]


There are 6 different types of Nugatti.

  • Nugatti The original, produced in Norway since 1969, yearly 4118 tons are sold
  • Nugatti Crisp Has small crispy granules added to it
  • Nugatti Max Has 33% less sugar than the original
  • Nugatti Air Is made by adding air bubbles to the chocolate spread, making it softer and with lighter texture
  • Nugatti Krønsjy Has small salty corn chips in it
  • Nugatti Melkesjoko Is made with milk chocolate


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