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Numatic International Limited
Founded 1969
Founder Chris Duncan
Products Homecare Series,Cleancare Series,Versacare Series

Numatic International Limited is a British manufacturer, primarily making domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning and maintenance equipment for distribution worldwide.[1] It is one of the major producers of vacuum cleaners in the UK.[citation needed], and best known for its popular and iconic "Henry" domestic vacuum cleaner, and related models, which are canister designs having human names and 'smiling face' appearances.

The company was founded and as of 2015 is still solely owned, by Chris Duncan, who created the compact shape for "Henry" in 1968.[1] It owns a manufacturing facility located in Chard, Somerset in south-west England,[1] and wholly owned distributors in France, Germany, the Netherlands, and South Africa.[citation needed] The company employs over 700 people, and produces 4500 units per day, over 40% of which are for export.[1]


Numatic's Henry vacuum cleaner

One of Numatic's most popular products is a vacuum cleaner called Henry. The 'Henry' name and character was conceived by Designer and Illustrator Mike Walsh, after being shown the shape of the machine through an intermediary of Chris Duncan. It is easily distinguishable by the large smiling face on the front of the canister (there's a 3D clip-on face which has eyes and a mouth, and the vacuum's hose forms its nose). A new parking bracket was added in September 2012. Since the introduction of Henry in 1981, over 7 million have been produced worldwide.[1]

Vacuum cleaners targeting domestic and light service[edit]

Since Henry's original release in 1980, a whole family of vacuum cleaners has been introduced in different sizes and colours and with different specifications and uses (including a wet and dry model and a multi-functional wet/dry and carpet shampoo cleaner). All the original series are based on British names. The current 2014 range are:

Henry, Hetty, Harry, James, Charles, George and Henry and Hetty Spray Mop

Numatic have also made many vacuum cleaners differing from the 2010 range. Many of them are not sold as of April 2013. The Henry and Hetty vacuum cleaners have also gone beyond vacuum cleaners. They have since 2010 expanded to desktop cleaners, toys, spray mops, boxes, office file holders and a specially made Airo-Brush head has been made for the Henry. When the Henry vacuum cleaner was first released in 1980, consumer had a sticker placed on the Henry. This meant they had to register to the company for insured life of the vacuum. Accessories include stainless steel tubes, HepaFlo dirt bags, an upholstery tool, a crevice tool, a Nuflex threaded hose, a double taper hose/full adapter, a Numatic Airo-Brush Head with rotating bristles, a soft dusting brush and an upholstery nozzle with a sliding brush.

Commercial, industrial, and specialised products[edit]

As well as cylinder vacuum cleaners and carpet washers, Numatic also offers a range of VersaCare products and systems. One of the most notable VersaCare systems is an VCN1404 Mini, which is an exceptionally compact surface module designed to be used where the primary object is to clean and to be seen to be clean. This is the objective of mainly all the VersaCare systems, including the VCN1804 All Terrain, which has been developed from the ground up, giving high priority to exceptional mobility, constructional integrity and usability, with numerous optional facilities able to be added to extend the scope of the product to meet different requirements.

Reviews and criticism[edit]

Numatic products reviewed by users on YouTube and other video sharing websites have been given good results.[citation needed][verification needed] As a result, some users have even uploaded videos of the Numatic Henry (HVR200A) vacuuming up industrial waste, torture tests and hard duty with the Numatic Henry (older versions) and carpet cleaning with the Numatic George and other Numatic carpet cleaners.


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