Nungish languages

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For the Tai–Kadai language Nung, see Nung language (Tai).
Yunnan, Burma
Linguistic classification: Sino-Tibetan
Glottolog: nung1293[1]

The Nung languages are a poorly described family of uncertain affiliation within the Tibeto-Burman languages. They include:

and are spoken in Yunnan and Burma.

The Chinese name Ālóng 阿龙 refers to Nung.

Matisoff postulated a relationship between Nungish and Jingpho, but neither van Driem (2001) nor Thurgood and LaPolla (2003) have been able to find substantiating evidence. LaPolla (2003), though, proposes that Nungish may be part of a larger "Rung" group.


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