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Nuno Frederico Correia da Silva Lobato Markl (born 21 July 1971 in Lisbon) is a Portuguese comedian, writer, radio host, television host, voice actor and screenwriter.



Nuno Markl is well known in Portugal for his radio series "O homem que mordeu o cão" (The man who bit the dog). It started in 1997, when he joined Pedro Ribeiro, José Carlos Malato and Ana Lamy for the morning show at Rádio Comercial; in 2001, Malato and Lamy left, and were replaced by Maria de Vasconcelos. The radio series later spawned a TV show, and three books.

As of October 2008, Markl works for Antena 3, with his current shows being "São Coisas Que Acontecem", "Laboratolarilolela" (a showcase of lesser known Pimba artists and songs), and "Nuno & Nando" (with Fernando Alvim). Before "São Coisas Que Acontecem", he also ran "Há Vida em Markl" (based on a comic strip formerly published on Inimigo Público) and "O Livro dos Porquês" (where funny answers were given to mundane factoid questions). In Rádio Comercial he had a show called "Caderneta de Cromos" that talked about common stuff from the 70s and the 80s. Still in Rádio Comercial he has a show named "Grandiosa História Universal das Traquitanas" which talks about the inventions of mankind.


Nuno Markl debuted on television in 2001, co-hosting "Sem Filtro" (a youth-oriented talk show on RTP1) alongside Rita Mendes and Gaspar Borges. He then moved to SIC Radical, where he worked on two different projects revolving around his other passion, film. Also in SIC Radical, he had a television show with Fernando Alvim called "O Perfeito Anormal", which launched the comedy troupe Gato Fedorento.

He wrote many cult sketches for Herman José, especially for his show "Herman Enciclopédia". He also wrote for the prematurely cancelled "Programa da Maria" (which had some Upright Citizens Brigade influenced sketches) and now writes for "Os Contemporâneos".

Other projects[edit]

Nuno regularly updates his weblog, Há Vida em Markl, providing movie reviews, video blogs, and updates on his work. Other side projects include TV and print ads for Café Delta and performing voice acting duties for the Portuguese version of films:

He was also responsible for translating and adapting Monty Python sketches for an onstage Portuguese version, performed by Bruno Nogueira, Miguel Guilherme, Jorge Mourato, António Feio and José Pedro Gomes.

Personal life[edit]

Nuno Markl lives in the Greater Lisbon area. He is married with radio and television show host Ana Galvão, with whom he has a son.[2]


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