Nur Shams, Tulkarm

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Nur Shams
Other transcription(s)
 • Arabic مخيّم نور شمس
Nur Shams is located in the Palestinian territories
Nur Shams
Nur Shams
Location of Nur Shams within Palestine
Coordinates: 32°19′07.36″N 35°03′31.63″E / 32.3187111°N 35.0587861°E / 32.3187111; 35.0587861Coordinates: 32°19′07.36″N 35°03′31.63″E / 32.3187111°N 35.0587861°E / 32.3187111; 35.0587861
Governorate Tulkarm
 • Type Refugee Camp
 • Jurisdiction 226 dunams (22.6 ha or 56 acres)
Population (2007)
 • Jurisdiction 6,479

Nur Shams (Arabic: مخيّم نور شمس‎) is a Palestinian refugee camp in the Tulkarm Governorate in the northwestern West Bank, located three kilometers east of Tulkarm. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, Nur Shams had a population of 6,479 inhabitants in 2007.[1] 95.1% of the population of Nur Shams were refugees in 1997.[2] The UNRWA-run healthcare facility for Nur Shams camp was re-built in 1996 with contributions from the Government of Germany. [3]

During the Mandate period, a British detention camp was situated at Nur Shams.[4]

Occurred in this site battle Nour Shams important at the beginning of the Arab revolt in Palestine, 1936-1939 .

Nur Shams camp was established in 1952 on 226 dunums. The camp was transferred to Palestinian Authority control in November 1998, after the signing of the Wye River Memorandum and the first phase of further Israeli redeployment.

The two schools in the camp are in poor condition and are listed on UNRWA's priority list for replacement pending securing of funds to carry out the project. A four story Boy’s school was constructed in 2004 and has 1035 pupils, the girl’s school was constructed in 2001 and has 975 pupils.[5]

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