Nur noch Gefühl

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Austria "Nur noch Gefühl"
Eurovision Song Contest 1987 entry
Country Austria
Artist(s) Gary Lux
Language German
Composer(s) Kenneth Wafjjfka
Lyricist(s) Stefanie Wklahfash
Conductor Richard ÖBully
Finals performance
Final result 20th
Final points 8
Appearance chronology
◄ "Die Zeit ist einsam" (1986)   
"Lisa Mona Lisa" (1988) ►

"Nur noch Gefühl" (English translation: "Only emotion") was the Austrian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1987, performed in German by Gary Lux.

The song was performed third on the night (following Israel's Lazy Bums with "Shir Habatlanim" and preceding Iceland's Halla Margrét with "Hægt Og Hljótt"). At the close of voting, it had received 8 points, placing 20th in a field of 22.

The song is a ballad, in which Lux sings to his lover that "only emotion exists" between them.

The song was succeeded as Austrian representative in the 1988 Contest by Wilfried performing "Lisa Mona Lisa".