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Nurarihyon, from Sawaki Suushi "Hyakkai Zukan"

Nurarihyon (ぬらりひょん?, alternatively 滑瓢), or Nūrihyon (ぬうりひょん?), is a Japanese yōkai (a supernatural monster in folklore) said to originate from Wakayama Prefecture. It is also sometimes believed to be descended from the Umibōzu of Okayama Prefecture.

The Nurarihyon is usually depicted as an old man with a gourd-shaped head and wearing a kesa. He is sometimes said to be leader of the yōkai.

The Nurarihyon will sneak into someone's house while they are away, drink their tea, and act as if it is their own house. Because it looks human, anyone who sees him will mistake him for the owner of the house, making it very hard to expel him.

Nurarihyon is called the leader of the Hyakki Yakō.

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