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Nutida Musik was at one time Sweden's largest music association. It was located in Västerås, Sweden and acted as a central hub for the local youth and touring musicians. Archived material on the association stretch from 1970 to 1989, but the association was still active in the 1990s. Nutida Musik later became a member of Kontaktnätet, where it was a dominant actor.

Location and venues[edit]

The association was located in an old brick complex formerly used as a brewery in the center of Västerås. Locally this house was known as "Bryggis", which in Swedish is a nickname version of "the brewery". Many concerts where in a hall named "Valvet" ("The Vault") in the basement of Bryggis but the association also frequently used other venues. Most frequently used was the larger "88:an" ("The 88") and various state-owned places.

Nutida Musik also organised a yearly outdoors festival in the center of Västerås. It was free of charge and used mobile stages.

Founders and board[edit]

One of its founding members was the now well established musician Pugh Rogerfeldt. Later Mikael Karlmark became one of the central characters for enlarging and developing the association. He was on the Board from the around 1984 to 1990, at which time the association grew to its peak strength with around 2200 members.

Other activities[edit]

Nutida Musik operated rehearsal studios for local musicians, often had activities for unemployed people and also provided work for both unemployed and the young of the town. There was also a photostudio and a café in "Bryggis".

A long row of musicians have played at the venues operated by the association. Some of these groups are: Imperiet, Leather Nun, Stockholms Negrer, Danielle Dax, Sator Codex, Strebers, Charta 77, TST, Grimjacks, Dynamite Wasteland, Whit Monday, Incest Brothers, Köttgrottorna, Twice a Man, Front 242.


Members of Sator have answered the question of which concert of theirs was the worst with - Västerås. The concert in question was when the group played under the name of Sator Codex and the audience numbered less than ten people including the personnel.

At one time the association reputedly turned down the then upcoming band Hanoi Rocks. They ended up playing in a neighbouring town to a large and sold-out venue.

The association made headlines in the late 80's when someone set fire to the attic of "Bryggis". Media coverage showed personnel and saving equipment in the middle of the night.


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