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The Nuu-chah-nulth Central Region Management Board (CRMB) was formed in 1995 as part of the Clayoquot Interim Measures Extension Agreement. This Board essentially "consolidated" the range of lending and business development functions formerly managed by Ma-Mook Development Corporation and the Economic Working Group.

Roles and Responsibilities[edit]

As an economic development board, the CRMB is responsible for developing and managing economic initiatives that benefit the five Central Region Nations collectively. It essentially acts as the implementer of regional economic development projects that the CRC wish to collectively put forward. Funding for the CRMB is provided through the IMEA Program from the provincial government. These funds are held in a bank account called the Central Region First Nations Holding Society (CRFNHS), maintained by the Chiefs.

There are no formal links between the CRMB and CRB. However, the managers of individual companies that operate under the auspices of the CRMB present information and updates to the CRB on a regular basis.


Each Central Region Nation appoints a representative to sit on the CRMB. The Chair of the Central Region Chiefs also holds a seat on the CRMB and provides another communication link to the Chiefs. The Executive Director of the Central Region Chiefs Administration attends most meetings. As of March 2008, the CRMB representatives were:

- Co-chair, Central Region Chiefs: Carol-Anne Hilton (from Hesquiaht) * not confirmed

- Ahousaht representative: Angus Campbell

- Tla-o-qui-aht representative: Ruben Amos

- Hesquiaht representative: Cecil Sabas

- Yuu-tluth-aht representative: Larry Baird

- Toquaht representative and CRMB Chair: Gary Johnsen

The CRMB has no executive, so executive functions and daily administration (e.g., writing pay cheques) is done through the office of the Central Region Executive Director, which consists of the Executive Director, three staff and the secretariat for the CRB. As of 2008, the economic initiatives in the Clayoquot Sound Region owned by the Central Region First Nations and overseen by the CRMB include:

- Tree Farm Licence (TFL) 54 – Ma-mook/Coulson Forestry Company is a joint venture partnership established in 2007 between Ma-mook Development Corporation (51%) and Coulson Forest Products (49%). The company has a Board of Directors that includes two representatives from the CRMB and three from Coulson Forest Products. Operations are managed through Coulson Forest Products staff and offices in Port Alberni;

- TFL 57 – Iisaak Forest Resources is 100 percent owned by the five Nations. For 18 months up until July 30, 2008, Iisaak was managed, under contract, by Ecotrust Canada. Ecotrust Canada secured the assistance of Triumph Timber to support the operations side of the business. Iisaak Forest Resources has a Board of Directors composed of the same people who represent the Chiefs on the CRMB. Gary Johnsen is currently the Board Chair of Iisaak.

- Eco-Industrial Park is a commercial subdivision with plans for a mobile home park development to be owned and operated by the Central Region. Commercial property on Main Street, Tofino


The Central Region Management Board is not currently supported by its own administration. It receives support from the Central Region Chiefs Executive Director (Jackie Godfrey), the Director of Economic Development (Dave Jacobsen), the Central Region accountant (Pearl Touchie) as well as the Central Region secretary (Noreen Frank).

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