Nyayo House

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Nyayo House
Nyayo House in Kenya.jpg
Nyayo House, Nairobi
General information
Type Government Building
Location Nairobi, Kenya
Technical details
Floor count 27
Design and construction
Main contractor Laxmanbhai Construction

Nyayo House in a skyscraper is Nairobi, Kenya. It hosts several government departments such as immigration and also serves as the headquarters of Nairobi Province. The building is located on the corner of Uhuru Highway and Kenyatta Avenue.[1] It is 84 metres high and has 27 floors[2]

Planning of the tower started in 1973 and it was initially set to be named as Nairobi House. Construction started in 1979, one year after Daniel arap Moi took over as the president of Kenya. Building of the house was completed in 1983. The building was planned by Ministry of Public Works Ngotho Architects and constructed by Laxmanbhai Construction.[1]

Nyayo House is particularly known for its detention facilities in its basement, often called as "Nyayo House torture chambers". Many opponents of the Moi government were beaten there by Special Branch officials (the Special Branch has later been renamed National Security Intelligence Service).[1] Some of the known detainees at Nyayo House were George Anyona, Wahome Mutahi and Raila Odinga[3]

After the Moi era the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) has investigated Nyayo House torture cases and several victims, including politician Koigi wa Wamwere have been compensated.[1] Another detainee, musician Ochieng Kabaselleh died soon after he was released, allegedly due to injuries caused by torture.[4] The former torture chambers have now been opened to the general public.[1]

Nyoyo House is also infamous for the amount for corruption by various state officials.[1]


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Coordinates: 1°17′13″S 36°49′05″E / 1.2869°S 36.8181°E / -1.2869; 36.8181