Nyko Maca + Playground

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Nyko Maca + Playground
Origin Manila, Philippines
Genres Sambass, afrobeat, drum and bass, experimental
Years active 2005–present
Labels infectiousmusic (indie)
Members Nyko Maca
Madz Abubakar
Alvin Cornista
Richard Sanchez

Nyko Maca + Playground is a Filipino band. Their musical influences are diverse and wide ranging, including sambass, batucada, drum and bass, Afro-Cuban music, trip hop, funk, progressive house, hard bop, afrobeat and dub.


  • Nicole Severino - vocals and Brazilian percussion (caxixí, agogô, pandeiro, berimbau, atabaque)
  • Madz Abubakar - digital sound design, programming
  • Alvin Cornista - saxophone, flute
  • Richard Sanchez - guitars


  • Manifesto in the Raw (2006, infectiousmusic)
  1. "Maala-ala Mo Kaya"
  2. "Happyness"
  3. "TRIPlangTYCH"
  4. "Whatchouwant"
  5. "On My Own (Faucet)"
  6. "Turn My Head"
  7. "Grey"
  8. "Lacuna"
  9. "Ritmo Batida"


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