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Single by Naughty by Nature
from the album Naughty by Nature
B-side "The Wickedest Man Alive"
Released August 24, 1991 (CD)
Format CD, cassette, 12"
Recorded 1991 at Unique Recording Studios NYC
Genre Hip hop
Length 4:31
Label Tommy Boy Records
Writer(s) Vincent Brown, Anthony Criss, Keir Gist, Alphonzo Mizell, Deke Richards, Freddie Perren, Liam Kantwill, Berry Gordy, Jr.
Producer(s) Naughty by Nature
Naughty by Nature singles chronology
"Scuffin' Those Knees"
"Everything's Gonna Be Alright"

"O.P.P." is a number-one hit 1991 song recorded by rap group Naughty by Nature. The song made it to the U.S. Top Ten (peaking at number 6), propelling their self-titled album Naughty by Nature to platinum status. The song's declaration "Down Wit' OPP" was a popular catchphrase in the U.S. in the early-1990s. The song samples Melvin Bliss's "Synthetic Substitution", with instrumentation samples from the Jackson 5's 1970 hit song "ABC" in which Alphonzo Mizell, Freddie Perren, Deke Richards, Liam Kantwill, and Berry Gordy, Jr. got a writing credit for the song. It was a hugely successful single, as Allmusic described "There was not a bigger, more contagious crossover radio smash in the autumn of 1991 than Naughty by Nature's ‘O.P.P.'"[1]

The song was one of the first rap songs to become a pop hit when it reached number 6 in the U.S. and number 35 in the UK in 1991. MTV picked up on its video, and it got heavy airplay on Yo! MTV Raps that year, inspiring a remake of the song as "Down Wit' MTV."

The title is an acronym for "Other People's Property", "Other People's Pussy" (woman's anatomy) or "Other People's Penis" (man's anatomy).

In 1998 the song was named one of the 100 best rap singles by The Source.[2]

In 2008, it was ranked 22 on VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of Hip Hop. It also appeared as number 53 on VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the '90s.

Track listing[edit]

  1. O.P.P. (Vocal)
  2. Wickedest Man Alive (Vocal)
  3. O.P.P. (Sunny Days Remix)
  4. Wickedest Man Alive (Instrumental)
  5. O.P.P. (Instrumental)

Official versions[edit]

  • O.P.P. (Album Version)
  • O.P.P. (Vocal)
  • O.P.P. (Instrumental)
  • O.P.P. (Sunny Days Remix)

Chart performance[edit]

In popular culture[edit]

The song was featured in the 2003 film Malibu's Most Wanted, where it played at an O.P.P.-themed Bar Mitzvah.

The song was also anachronistically used in the 2005 war film Jarhead. It is played in the background while the Marines party in a tent on Christmas Eve.

Television series Parenthood included this song on the tenth episode of its second season, "Happy Thanksgiving", in its closing scene sequence, and U.S. series The Office included it in the second season episode, "The Dundies",[4] when Michael rapped over the original words of the song with his own lyrics in a parodical manner.[5]

The song was featured in the 2009 film Up in the Air during the hotel club scene. It was also featured on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air when Will Smith's character bought a new car and played it extremely loud on the radio.

The song is featured in the comedy film The To Do List. It is played in the background when Brandy Clark (Aubrey Plaza) is preparing the list.

In the episode "The Mixer" of the 2013 U.S TV series Camp, the song was Mac's favorite.

The song is referenced in the lyrics of the song "Love Affair" by R&B artist Toni Braxton. In the chorus, she sings 'I ain't down with O.P.P.'.

The song is also referenced in the lyrics of the song "Believe" by the reggae fusion band The Dirty Heads. The line 'naughty by nature, back when O.P.P. was hot' refers to the track.

The song is referenced in the book "The Buy Side: A Wall Street Trader's Tale of Spectacular Excess" by ex-Wall Street trader Turney Duff as he describes a party he was hosting where the band Naughty by Nature was performing it. [6]


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