O. E. H. Wucherer

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Otto Wucherer (1820-1873)

Otto Edward Henry Wucherer (7 July 1820 – 7 May 1873) was a Brazilian physician, born to a Dutch mother and German father.

He was born in Oporto, later moving to Hamburg, where he worked in a pharmacy. He studied medicine at the University of Tübingen. He later practiced in London at St Bartholomew's Hospital and in Lisbon. In 1843 he relocated to Brazil, eventually settling as a doctor in Salvador, Bahia, where he lived until 1871.[1]

He discovered the filaria larvae in Bahia. His name is associated with the roundworm genus Wuchereria. He described the snake species Atractus guentheri and Xenopholis scalaris.[2]

He was co-founder of the journal Gazeta Médica da Bahia.[1]


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