OASIS (culfest)

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Genre Cultural
Dates October/ November
Location(s) Pilani, India
Attendance 200 colleges

OASIS is a cultural festival conducted annually by the students of Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani in Pilani, India. Organised one week prior to Diwali, the festival attracts more than 200 colleges from across the country.[1]


Established in 1971 as a small fete, it has now grown to host students from over 80 colleges and from over 20 universities across India, prominent one being the Delhi University. The total prize money in 2012 was over Rs. 7.5 lakh.[1] Every year, the fest is assigned a theme, whose nature depends on the decision of the organizing committee (StuCCa body). Once the theme and dates are decided, invitations are sent to several colleges from across the country informing them of the various competitions and events that are held during the fest. The number of participants runs well over 4000, making it one of the largest cultural college festivals in India.


OASIS is a 96 hour non-stop festival.[2] with events going on well through the night. Oasis events include music, drama, dance, stage shows, fashion and treasure hunts. Professional shows involve popular singers or bands. Prominent events include:


Photography Club of BITS Pilani organizes the “traditional” exhibition-cum-competition, for all the shutterbugs, and photography enthusiasts, who wish to show off their clicking skills to everyone else, and win prizes in the process.

The exhibition showcases the works of photography club members.


Rocktaves is the rock festival of BITS Pilani. It is without a doubt one of the most prestigious rock competitions in India. Rocktaves is a major event of Oasis.

Rap Wars[edit]

Started since 2011, a one of its kind and perhaps the only Rap Battling competition that takes place in any College level Cultural Fest in India. It provides a great platform to the talented underground and uprising rappers from across the country.


Choreo is a theme portraying dance competition. It provides an opportunity for dancers to unleash their imagination and show their dancing skills. It communicates ideas, feelings and emotions through movement and expressive art.

Mr. and Ms. Oasis (MAMO)[edit]

A personality hunt that crowns the rightful Mr. and Ms. Oasis. Participants go through multiple rounds which test their wit, gumption, composure and their ability to present themselves in an amicable way in all sorts of situations. This event has its own special path in OASIS. Parry G, the rapper from Chandigarh became Mr. Oasis 2012 and Mohnaa Shrivastava, Egyptian-classical belly dancer, was given Miss Oasis 2012.[3]

Professional shows[edit]

Performances by professional entertainers are called "professional shows" or "prof shows" in short. Notable past performers included English indie rock band Good Shoes, Neeraj Shridhar, TAAQ and The Shakey Rays in 2012, Indian fusion band Kailasa with Kailash Kher in 2011,[4] Vishal-Shekhar and Shankar Ehsaan Loy in 2009,[5] Ahsaan Qureshi,[citation needed] Sunil Pal, Rainbow Bridge[disambiguation needed],[citation needed] Motherjane,[citation needed] Bhayanak Maut,[citation needed] Krishnakumar Kunnath in 2008,[citation needed] Euphoria,[citation needed] Lucky Ali[citation needed] and more.

Stand-up Comedian and actor Vir Das also performed in Oasis 2012. In 2013 Farhan Live was organized with Farhan Akhtar and its crew.

Organizing bodies[edit]

OASIS is organized by the Students Council for Cultural Activities (StuCCA), a body of six members who are the heads of major departments such as Department of Controls, sponsorship department,Online partnership and Publicity, reception and accommodation department etc. In addition, numerous clubs and departments work behind the scenes.


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