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Founded London, UK (2000)
Key people
Luke McKeever, CEO
Robin Wooldridge, CFO
Number of employees
approx. 200 (2011)[citation needed]
Website OB10.com

OB10 Ltd is a global B2B e-invoicing network based in London, UK, with offices in the USA, Germany, and Malaysia.[1] The company was founded in 2000[2] by Stefan Foryszewski,[3] Chris Lowrie,[4] Alain Falys and John Jermy. OB10 has a network of over 100,000 suppliers[5] across 150 countries, and is compliant with the requirements of VAT, tax and e-Invoicing legislation. For each new customer that joins the OB10 network their suppliers are supported by a multi-lingual implementation team responsible for getting them up and running on the network.[6] Also, customers do not need to invest in specific equipment or systems.[2] In 2011, Charles Bryant of OB10 was elected Vice-Chair of EESPA (European e-Invoicing Service Providers Association).[2][7]

In 2012, OB10 launched OB10 Express Payments,[8] a supply chain finance service that combines dynamic discounting with the option of using third-party financing.[9] Under the OB10 programme, suppliers agree to a discount in return for early payment of invoices, which enables organisations to receive payment on approved invoices within three days.[10]

In 2013, OB10 forged a partnership with Comprova to enable organisations to benefit from straight-through invoice processing and to meet the Brazilian government's invoicing requirements.[11] Other OB10 partners include Coupa[12] and Taulia.[13]

Customers include Virgin Atlantic's US and UK operations (February 2011),[14] Tech Data Europe (January 2012) [15] and Toyota Material Handling Europe (June 2013).[16]

Investors include Straub Ventures, Azini Capital,[17] Black River Asset Management and FF&P Private Equity.[18]

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