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OBN Star Model
OBN star model.PNG
Genre Reality television
Presented by Dejana Rosuljaš
Judges Dejana Rosuljaš, Jan Štedul, Emerik Gudelj, Jelena Jugović
Country of origin  Bosnia and Herzegovina
Running time 95 minutes
Original channel OBN
Original release April 19, 2009 – 2010
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OBN Star Model is a Bosnian reality documentary based on Tyra Banks' America's Next Top Model and is aired on OBN. The show puts contestants against each other in a variety of challenges to determine who will win title of the new Bosnian Star Model as well as a modelling contract with an agency in hopes of a promising career start in the modeling industry. Dejana Rosuljaš equals the role of Tyra Banks from the original series as the head of the search as well as a mentor for the chosen finalists. Other judges include Jan Štedul and Emerik Gudelj. Famous faces like Ivica Skoko or photographer Dejan Vekić have made guest appearances on the show.[1]

The winner of cycle 1, was 22 year old Jelena Jugović from Pale.

In May 2010, the show returned with a second cycle that featured male contestants within the cast.[2]

The winner of Cycle 2, was Vedran Pajo.


The Challenge[edit]

The challenge usually focuses on an element important to modeling which will help the models along the way, and help them improve for the week's photoshoot. A guest judge, who is unique to each episode, evaluates the contestants and decides the winner of each challenge. The winner of the challenge receives a prize for his/her victory. Sometimes, the challenge winner is permitted to choose a certain number of other contestants to receive a similar, but lesser, reward, while the others are given nothing.

Judging and Elimination[edit]

Based upon the contestants' performance in the week's challenge, photoshoot, and general attitude, the judges deliberate and decide which aspiring model must leave the competition. Once the judges have made their decision, the contestants are called back into the room. The host calls out the names of those who performed well in the challenge and photoshoot, handing them a copy of their best photo from the shoot. The remaining two contestants, whose names have not been called, are given criticism about why they have landed in the bottom two, and ultimately, one is eliminated from the competition. The contestant who is eliminated does not receive a photo.


Cycle Premiere date Winner Runner-up Other contestants in order of elimination Number of contestants International Destination(s)
1 April 19, 2009 Jelena Jugović Majra Demirović Irma Čandžić, Lejla, Irvela Zahirović, Andrea Akmadžić, Nataša Arsić-Velo, Dijana Kaljković, Enisa Hadžalić, Sašana Ivanović, Nehla Hasanhodžić, Maja Miletić, Jelena Blagojević, Jelena Urukalo
14 Croatia
2 May 2010 Vedran Pajo Edin Gruzaković
Ira Petrović
Nikolina Nikolić
Sanela Čizmo
Sonja Marić
Vanja Sužić
Dragana Božić, Nedim Abazi, Almin Petković, Anel Muraspahić, Dijana Bratić, Dino Vugdalić, Enes Vugdalić, Nermin Vugdalić 15 Croatia




(ages stated are at time of contest)

Contestant Age Hometown Outcome
Irma Čandžić 18 Travnik Eliminated in Episode 2
Lejla 20 Sarajevo Eliminated in Episode 3
Irvela Zahirović 22 Sarajevo Eliminated in Episode 4
Andrea Akmadžić 21 Osijek Eliminated in Episode 5
Nataša Arsić-Velo 25 Belgrade Eliminated in Episode 6
Dijana Kaljković 22 Zagreb Entered the competition in Episode 4
Eliminated in Episode 7
Enisa Hadžalić 18 Sarajevo Eliminated in Episode 8
Sašana Miloška Ivanović 20 Travnik Eliminated in Episode 9
Nehla Hasanhodžić 18 Sarajevo Eliminated in Episode 10
Maja Miletić 22 Mostar Eliminated in Episode 11
Jelena Blagojević 23 Pale First Eliminated in Episode 12
Jelena Urukalo 23 Rijeka Entered the competition in Episode 8
Second Eliminated in Episode 12
Majra Demirović 19 Mostar Runner-up
Jelena Jugović 22 Pale Winner

Call-out order[edit]

Dejana's call-out order
Order Episodes
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
1 Nehla Sašana Jelena B. Dijana Jelena J. Majra Sašana Jelena B. Jelena J. Jelena U. Jelena J.
2 Majra Jelena J. Maja Enisa Jelena B. Jelena J. Jelena B. Jelena U. Majra Jelena J. Majra
3 Jelena B. Andrea Nataša Nehla Majra Nehla Maja Maja Jelena B. Jelena B. Jelena U.
4 Andrea Nehla Sašana Maja Enisa Maja Majra Jelena J. Maja Majra Jelena B.
5 Maja Jelena B. Enisa Jelena J. Maja Jelena B. Jelena J. Majra Jelena U. Maja
6 Irvela Nataša Andrea Jelena B. Nehla Enisa Nehla Nehla Nehla
7 Jelena J. Enisa Majra Sašana Dijana Sašana Enisa Sašana
8 Sašana Maja Jelena J. Majra Sašana Dijana
9 Lejla Majra Nehla Nataša Nataša
10 Enisa Irvela Irvela Andrea
11 Nataša Lejla
12 Irma
     The contestant won the competition
     The contestant was eliminated
  • Episode 1 was the Casting Episode
  • Dijana entered the competition in episode 4.
  • Jelena U. entered the competition in episode 8.


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