OGAE Second Chance Contest 1996

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OGAE Second Chance Contest 1996
Venue Farsta, Sweden
Host broadcaster Sweden OGAE Sweden
Number of entries 22
Debuting countries
Returning countries
Withdrawing countries None
Voting system Each country's jury, made up of member's of the country's OGAE branch, 1–8, 10, and 12 points to their ten favourite songs.
Winning song  Sweden
"Juliette och Jonathan"
OGAE Second Chance Contest
◄1995 1996 1997►

The 1996 OGAE Second Chance Contest was the 10th OGAE Second Chance Contest, organized by the members of international Eurovision Song Contest fan club OGAE to select the best song not to make it to the Eurovision Song Contest through their national finals. This year's contest was held in Farsta in Sweden after Cecilia Vennersten won the 1995 Contest with "Det vackraste".[1]

22 songs competed in the contest with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia entering the contest for the first time. Several countries returned to the contest, too but no country, which participated in the 1995 edition, withdrew.

For the third time "Guest Juries" were used in the contest, allowing OGAE branches from countries who held no national final for Eurovision 1996 to compete in Second Chance. The Guest Juries for the 1996 contest came from Austria, France, Italy, and Luxembourg which were substitutes for 4 participating countries which had no jury. These countries were Macedonia, Romania, Russia, and Turkey.

Sweden were the winners of the 10th edition of Second Chance, represented by singer Lotta Engberg with "Juliette och Jonathan". The runner-up position went to the Croatia's Novi Fosili, while third place was awarded to Germany and Leon who did not qualify for the Eurovision Song Contest 1996 as the eventual German entry.


Draw Country Language Artist Song English translation National final Place Points
1  Belgium Flemish Enzo "Mooi" Beautiful 3rd 9 60
2  Estonia Estonian Evelin Samuel, Karl Madis,
Maarja-Liis Ilus & Pearu Paulus
"Kummalisel teel" On the strange way 6th 16 19
3  Netherlands Dutch Gina de Wit "De wereld is van jou" The world belongs to you 2nd 11 49
4  Finland Finnish Eija Kantola "Rakkauden kirja" The book of love 2nd 8 62
5  Portugal Portuguese Barbara Reis "A minha ilha" My island 7th 15 28
6  Norway Norwegian Geir Rønning "Uten de'" Without you 2nd 13 45
7  United Kingdom English Zeitia Massiah "A little love" - 3rd 4 121
8  Macedonia Macedonian Kaliopi Gril "Samo ti" Only you 1st* 19 14
9  Turkey Turkish Tüzmen & Pinar Karakoç "Var misin söyle" Tell me you are there 2nd 17 17
10  Denmark Danish Channe Nussbaum "Kys mig nu" Kiss me now 4th 18 16
11  Ireland English Dav McNamara "Missing you" - 2nd 5 113
12  Cyprus Greek Sophie Christofidou "Antecho" I endure 4th 20 13
13  Sweden Swedish Lotta Engberg "Juliette och Jonathan" Juliette and Jonathan 3rd 1 152
14  Malta English Marita "Lasting Visions" - Unplaced 14 40
15  Russia Russian Andrej Kosinskij "Ja eto ja" Me, it's me 1st* 22 7
16  Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnian Amila Glamočak "Nije slucajno" It's not accidental Unplaced 21 8
17  Hungary Hungarian Gjon Delhusa "Fortuna" - 1st* 7 78
18  Germany German Leon "Planet of Blue" - 1st* 3 127
19  Israel Hebrew Galit Bell "Shalom olam" Hello world 1st* 10 50
20  Slovenia Slovene Irena Vrckovnik "Naj mesec ugasne" Let the moon rise dark 2nd 6 80
21  Romania Romanian Monica Anghel & Sincron "Rugă pentru pacea lumii" Peaceful prayer for people 1st* 11 49
22  Croatia Croatia Novi Fosili "Spray" - 6th 2 128

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