OGAE Second Chance Contest 2002

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OGAE Second Chance Contest 2002
Venue Stockholm, Sweden
Host broadcaster Sweden OGAE Sweden
Number of entries 18
Debuting countries None
Returning countries
Withdrawing countries
Voting system Each jury awards 1–8, 10, and 12 points to their ten favourite songs
Winning song  Spain
"Corazón latino"
OGAE Second Chance Contest
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The 2002 OGAE Second Chance Contest was the 17th OGAE Second Chance Contest, organised between members of international Eurovision Song Contest fan club OGAE to select the best song not to make it to the Eurovision Song Contest through their national finals. 18 songs competed in the contest, held in Stockholm in Sweden after OGAE Sweden's win the previous year with "Allt som jag ser" by Barbados.[1]

Five countries returned to the contest after missing the previous year - Austria, Belgium, Finland, Macedonia and Romania all returned as competing countries. However five other countries could not compete after being relegated from competing in the Eurovision Song Contest 2002 - Iceland, Republic of Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway and Portugal were all unable to compete. Two further countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Lithuania, were disqualified during the voting when their results were not received by the deadline.

The 18 competing entries were joined by seven guest juries in the voting for the winner, coming from France, Luxembourg, Ireland, Portugal, Netherlands, Norway and Turkey.[2]

At the end of the voting the winner was Spain's David Bisbal with "Corazon latino", beating Sweden's winner from 2001 Barbados in second place, and Israel's Sarit Hadad into third place.[2]


Draw Country Language Artist Song English translation National final Place Points
01  Turkey Turkish Ayça Dönmez "Sarıl Bana" Embrace me Unplaced 16 20
02  Romania English Vank "All Too Young" 2nd 18 11
03  Macedonia Macedonian Andrijana Janevska "Oh cherie, mon cherie" Oh darling, my darling 2nd 12 41
04  Malta English Karen Polidano "When Comes My Lover" 2nd 16 20
05  Slovenia Slovene Karmen Stavec "Še in še" More and more 2nd 4 129
06  Croatia Croatian 4'33" "Ave Maria Laudata" 13th 7 87
07  Greece Greek, English Peggy Zina "Love Is A Wonderful Thing" 2nd 8 74
08  Spain Spanish David Bisbal "Corazón latino" Latin heart 2nd 1 203
09  Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnian Tinka Milinović "Sve što imaš ti" All that you have 14th Disqualified 3
10  Finland English Aika "Stay" 2nd 6 93
11  Germany English Joy Fleming & Jambalaya "Joy To The World" 2nd 10 58
12  Latvia English Linda Leens & Horens "Stop The War" 2nd 15 25
13  Sweden Swedish Barbados "Världen utanför" The world outside 4th 2 176
14  Belgium English Severine Doré "Wherever You'll Be" 6th 11 54
15  Denmark Danish Luna Park "Sommerregn" Summer rain 2nd 12 41
16  United Kingdom English Tricia Penrose "DJ Romeo" 2nd 14 40
17  Estonia English Nightlight Duo & Cowboys "Another Country Song" 2nd 9 66
18  Austria English Loud9 "Won't Forget Tonight" 3rd 5 113
19  Israel English Sarit Hadad "DJ Superman" Unplaced 3 130
20  Lithuania English B'Avarija "We All" 1st* Disqualified 66

*B'Avarija had originally won the Lithuanian national final, however were disqualified as a Lithuanian version of the song was released on the group's album at the end of 2001.

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