OGAE Second Chance Contest 2004

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OGAE Second Chance Contest 2004
Venue Växjö, Sweden
Host broadcaster Sweden OGAE Sweden
Number of entries 21
Debuting countries
Returning countries
Withdrawing countries
Voting system Each jury awards 1–8, 10, and 12 points to their ten favourite songs
Winning song  Spain
"Mi obsesión"
OGAE Second Chance Contest
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The 2004 OGAE Second Chance Contest was the 19th OGAE Second Chance Contest, organised between members of international Eurovision Song Contest fan club OGAE to select the best song not to make it to the Eurovision Song Contest through their national finals. 21 songs comepted in the contest, held in Växjö in Sweden after OGAE Sweden's win the previous year with "Not a Sinner Nor a Saint" by Alcazar.[1]

All 21 competing branches of OGAE competed in voting for the winner, along with three guest juries who were ineligible to compete in the contest from France, Ireland and Italy.[2]

Serbia and Montenegro made its Second Chance debut after it debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest 2004. Denmark, Finland and Macedonia returned to the contest after being relegated from the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 - Belgium and Turkey returned after holding internal selections the previous year, while Malta returned after being disqualified the previous year.

A number of countries also withdrew from the contest - Estonia and Israel had been set to compete in the contest, however withdrew at a late stage after selecting their entries (namely "Homme" by Maarja Liis-Ilus and "Freedom" by David D'Or respectively). Iceland withdrew due to no national final being held, while Romania withdrew out of choice. Ireland withdrew, but competed as a guest jury.


Draw Country Language Artist Song English translation National final Place Points
1  Malta English Andreana "24/7" 8th 21 1
2  Slovenia English Natalija Verboten "Cry on My Shoulder" 4th 8 80
3  United Kingdom English Hyrise "Leading Me On" 2nd 12 40
4  Finland English Jonna K "Like Believers Do" 4th 18 15
5  Croatia Croatian Andrea "Noah" 2nd 7 87
6  Poland English Sistars "Freedom" 7th 19 13
7  Portugal Portuguese Gonçalo "Novo e Clássico" New and classic 2nd 11 44
8  Norway English WigWam "Crazy Things" 3rd 16 19
9  Germany English Patrick Nuo "Undone" Unplaced 3 147
10  Sweden Swedish Shirley Clamp "Min kärlek" My love 2nd 2 187
11  Turkey English Athena "Easy Man" 2nd 20 10
12  Denmark Danish Kaare Thøgersen "Lykkelig i nat" Happy tonight Unplaced 10 55
13  Spain Spanish Davinia "Mi obsesión" My obsession Unplaced 1 192
14  Latvia English C-Stones "All You Know" 4th 17 17
15  Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnian Deen "Spava Sarajevo" Sarajevo sleeps 2nd 14 27
16  Macedonia Macedonian Toše Proeski "Daleku od mene" Far away from me 2nd 6 90
17  Austria English Daniel Djuric "Millionaire" 6th 9 59
18  Greece English Apostolos Psichramis "Alright" 1st* 13 29
19  Serbia and Montenegro Serbian Negative "Zbunjena" Confused 4th 15 23
20  Belgium English Natalia "Higher Than The Sun" 2nd 4 146
21  Netherlands English Anja Wessels "Heart of Stone" 2nd 5 111

* Apostolos Psichramis had originally won the Greek national final, but Sakis Rouvas was internally selected to represent Greece at Eurovision. For more information, see Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004.

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