OGAE Video Contest 2006

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OGAE Video Contest 2006
OGAE Video Contest 2006 logo.gif
Final date January 2007
Venue Izmir, Turkey
Host broadcaster Turkey OGAE Turkey
Number of entries 15
Debuting countries
Returning countries
Withdrawing countries
Voting system Each jury awards 1–8, 10, and 12 points to their ten favourite videos
Winning song  Italy
OGAE Video Contest
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The OGAE Video Contest 2006 was the fourth edition of OGAE Video Contest, organised between members of international Eurovision Song Contest fan club OGAE to select the best video released in their countries. The contest was held in Izmir, Turkey.[1] Fifteen countries participated in the contest. Finland had initially entered the competition with the song "How Can I Miss You" performed by Hanna Pakarinen, but later withdrew from the contest. Serbia's entry "Obala" performed by Flamingosi was disqualified. Both entries would have performed 4th and 5th respectively in the running order.[1]

The contest was won by Italy's Nek with "Contromano", who received 106 points, the runner-up was the host nation Turkey. South Africa placed last, receiving 13 points.[2]


For more details on the host city, see Izmir.
Location of the host city in the Turkey.

The host country for the OGAE Video Contest 2006 was Turkey who held the contest in the city of Izmir, following their win in the 2005 Contest. Izmir is a large metropolis in the western extremity of Anatolia and the third most populous city in Turkey. Izmir's metropolitan area extends along the outlying waters of the Gulf of İzmir and inland to the north across Gediz River's delta, to the east along an alluvial plain created by several small streams and to a slightly more rugged terrain in the south. The ancient city was known as Smyrna, and the city was generally referred to as Smyrna in English, until the Turkish Postal Service Law of 28 March 1930 made "Izmir" the internationally recognized name.


Draw[1] Country Language Artist Video English translation Place[2] Points
01  Malta English Fabrizio Faniello "Love On The Radio" - 06 79
02  France French Philippe Katerine "Louxor J'adore" - 12 16
03  Macedonia Macedonian Tijana Dapcevic "Sve Je Isto Samo Njega Nema" - 08 65
04  Finland English Hanna Pakarinen "How Can I Miss You" - Withdrawn
05  Serbia Serbian Flamingosi "Obala" - Disqualified
06  Italy Italian Nek "Contromano" - 01 106
07  Slovenia Slovenian Jan Plestenjak "Barka Iz Perja" - 03 93
08  South Africa Afrikaans Dominec "Hou My Hand Vas" - 13 13
09  Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnian Tinka "Ljubav Za Ljubav" - 10 62
10  Turkey Turkish Hande Yener "Askin Atesi" - 02 93
11  Germany German Revolverheld "Freunde Bleiben" - 05 83
12  Portugal Portuguese Susana Felix "Flutuo" - 09 63
13  Moldova Moldovan Alternosfera "511" - 11 39
14  Poland English Sistars "Inspirations" - 07 71
15  Greece Greek Nikos Mihas "Simadia Kairou" - 04 89

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