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Organisation Intersex International - United States of America
Abbreviation OII-USA
Formation February 2011
Type NGO
Purpose Intersex human rights
Region served
United States
Hida Viloria
Website oii-usa.org

OII-USA was founded in February 2011[1] The director of OII-USA is author and activist Hida Viloria.[1][2] Claudia Astorino is an associate director.[3]


OII-USA aims to campaign for the human rights of intersex people, particularly rights to self-determination and bodily integrity. It also aims to support intersex individuals, and provide information on the actual life experiences of people with intersex variations to professionals working providing services to them, including medical personnel, psychological experts, sexologists, sociologists and academics.[4]


OII-USA advocates for human rights for intersex people in the United States via personal communication, public speaking, publishing, and lobbying. The organization provides peer support, news updates, information, and educational resources regarding intersex people, including the documents Brief Guidelines for Intersex Allies and Your Beautiful Child: Information for Parents, a groundbreaking resource of information for parents including links to unbiased medical studies regarding "normalizing" genital surgeries and hormone treatments of intersex infants and minors .[1][5]

On December 10, 2013, OII-USA Executive Director Hida Viloria became the first openly intersex person to speak at the United Nations, educating about the human rights violations intersex people face and the need for legal protection from discrimination at the Human Rights Day event, "Sport Comes Out Against Homophobia".[6][7] Viloria has been lobbying the U.N. for the inclusion of intersex people in their human rights efforts [8] and, in the spring of 2013, assisted the U.N. Human Rights Office in drafting the definition of intersex people in their groundbreaking Free & Equal Campaign for LGBT Equality.[9]

Media Activism & Visibility[edit]

Recent broadcast interviews with OII-USA spokespeople include an introduction to intersex with Director Viloria and Associate Director Claudia Astorino on Huffington Post Live, November 2013.[10] In October 2013 Viloria provided expert testimony for the Spanish language television court show Caso Cerrado,[11] and she was interviewed on BBC World Services radio in November regarding Germany's third gender law for intersex infants [12] and in May regarding the ground-breaking U.S. lawsuit by the parents of an intersex child against the doctors that operated on him as an infant.[13] Director Viloria and Associate Director Astorino both write about intersex in their respective blogs Intersex and Out and Full Frontal Activism: Intersex and Awesome, and Viloria has written about intersex in The Advocate, The Global Herald, Ms., and others, and Astorino in Autostraddle.

Astorino was critical of media coverage of the story that Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps is dating an intersex person, describing the coverage as a "scandal" and declaring: "Intersex people exist, and we’re fighting for our basic human rights. Stop treating us as props and oddities."[14] Astorino criticizes inaccurate treatment of 'intersex' and 'transgender' as synonyms and notes that speculating on the future of the relationship asks readers "to ponder, in effect, whether anyone accepts intersex people enough to date them at all."[14]

Birth assignments and surgical treatment[edit]

Articles specifically focusing on intersex birth registrations by Hida Viloria can be found at The Advocate,[15] and The Global Herald.[16] Her work focusing on "normalising" surgeries has been published at The Advocate.[17]

Access to sport[edit]

Hida Viloria has prior experience in advising the International Olympic Committee on intersex perspectives in access to sport, and she has continued this work as part of OII-USA.[18][19][20] With Spanish hurdler Maria José Martínez-Patiño,[21] Viloria has argued that Olympic sex testing is applied in a way that targets only 'butch' women, those who are "masculine looking".[19] On International Human Rights Day 2013, Hida Vilora spoke as director of OII-USA at the United Nations event, "Sport Comes Out Against Homophobia".[22][23]


OII-USA is a national affiliate of Organisation Intersex International, and a member of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association.


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