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OPAP – Greek Organisation of Football Prognostics S.A.
ΟΠΑΠ – Οργανισμός Προγνωστικών Αγώνων Ποδοσφαίρου Organismos Prognostikon Agonon Podosfairou A.Ε.
Anonymi Etairia
Traded as Athex: OPAP
Industry Gambling
Founded 1958
Headquarters Athens, Greece
Key people
Kamil Ziegler (Chairman)
Products Lotteries, sports betting
Revenue Increase 6.140 billion (2013)[1]
Increase €1.122 billion (2013)[1]
Profit Increase €1.021 billion (2013)[1]
Total assets Increase €2.221 billion (end 2013)[1]
Total equity Increase €896.6 million (end 2013)[1]
Owner Emma Delta Hellenic Holding Limited
Number of employees
Steady 1,400 (end 2013)[1]
Website www.opap.gr

OPAP – Greek Organisation of Football Prognostics S.A. (Greek: ΟΠΑΠ – Οργανισμός Προγνωστικών Αγώνων Ποδοσφαίρου Α.Ε.) is a public company based in Athens, Greece that exclusively operates and manages numerical lottery and sports betting games in Greece.

OPAP is Europe's biggest betting firm.[2]



OPAP runs the following games:[3]

  • Numerical lottery games:
    • Lotto (1990–present) (Reorganised in 1997)
    • Proto (1992–present)
    • Joker (1997–present)
    • Extra5 (2002–present)
    • Super3 (2002–present)
    • Kino (2003–present)
  • Sports betting games:
    • Propo (1959–present) (Reorganised in 1997 and 2006)
    • PropoGoal (1996–present)
    • Pame Stoixima (2000–present)


OPAP has five subsidiaries: OPAP Cyprus Ltd, that operates lottery agencies in Cyprus; OPAP SPORTS Ltd (f/k/a OPAP Glory and Glory Sports Betting) that operates sports betting agencies in Cyprus; OPAP International Ltd, OPAP Investment Ltd and OPAP Services S.A.[5]


OPAP is the major sponsor of the Hellenic Football Federation for 2010 up to 2012 and will give 11.000.000 euro to the HFF plus 500.000 euro to the Greek national football team after its qualification to the 2010 world cup.


  • OPAP is criticized by its Greek agents for not having equal commissions at the Pame Stihima game. Greece based agents only receive an 8% commission while Cyprus based agents receive a 10% commission.
  • OPAP has also reformed agencies (through OPAP Services) at Cyprus with a new corporate look but agencies at Greece have not been reformed and do not have the new corporate look even though the required money for the reform exist as they have already been kept by the company from the agents through commission deduction for some years.
  • In the September 2009 contract that agents signed with OPAP at appendix IV, the 8th paragraph states that 35% of the cost for the OPAP VPN DSL line supplied by OTE will be paid by OPAP. Until the agents strike at the 2010 Champions League final no further information was given about that obligation. After the strike agents signed papers so that OPAP can communicates directly with OTE on their behalf and check the specific charges that correspond to 35%. Almost a year later, no agent has yet received the 35% and they continue to pay the whole cost of the line even though OPAP has been granted the access to directly contact OTE for the charges.[1]


VPN DSL line contract has not been dislosed to the agents even though the agents are charged for the whole line cost.

Involvement in Stanleybet shutdown[edit]

In November 2008, the government of Greece shut down the Greek operations of Liverpool-based Stanleybet International, an European gambling company. Stanleybet had recently opened two offices in Greece and was to be a major competitor to OPAP.[6] The government acted on OPAP's public complaints and raided Stanleybet offices on November 7, 2008, confiscating their assets.[7]

One of the complaints expressed by protests during the 2008 Greek riots was the government's fast action in acting on behalf of OPAP to remove competition, whereas for issues affecting public safety or the rights of the people the government has been popularly thought to be slow-acting.[8]


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