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OPaC Free Public License
Author OPaC bright ideas
Publisher 1997-1998, OPaC bright ideas
DFSG compatible No
FSF approved No
OSI approved No
GPL compatible No
Copyleft Yes

The OPaC Free Public License (OFPL)[1] is a software license based on the Aladdin Free Public License created by Pierre Arnaud for the distribution of the OPaC Class Library.[2] The OFPL is a copyleft license, in that it requires any work based on OPaC be licensed under the terms of the OFPL.


Pierre Arnaud created the OFPL for OPaC bright ideas.

Key features[edit]


Software under the OFPL may not be distributed if any payment is made in connection for the distribution, directly or indirectly.

Assent to license[edit]

The restriction contained in Section 2(c) of the OFPL reads:

You must meet all the following conditions with respect to the distribution of any work based on OPaC: . . . (ii) You must cause the Program to be licensed as a whole and at no charge to all third parties under the terms of this License.

Further provisions[edit]

  • Covered works that are distributed must be accompanied by the source code, or access to it made available. (§2(c)(iv))
  • Covered works that are distributed must include a verbatim copy of the license. (§2(c)(v))


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