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ORT Israel
Ort Israel logo.jpg
ORT Israel logo
Formation 1948
Type Organizations based in Israel
Legal status active
Purpose education
Region served
Website ort.org.il
Pictures of ORT schools
ORT Arad
ORT Braude
ORT high school in Umm Batin, a Bedouin town in the Negev
ORT Singalovski, Tel Aviv

ORT Israel is a non-government organization devoted to education in Israel.


ORT Israel was founded in 1949. The first ORT school was a high school in Jaffa which later moved to Yad Eliyahu, becoming ORT Singealovsky. Today ORT is the largest non-state network of schools in Israel. Until a few years ago ORT primarily operated trade and vocational schools. Now the focus is on the advancement of science and technology education.

In 2003, Israel was World ORT's largest sphere of operation, with 90,000 students enrolled in 159 schools, colleges and institutions.[1] In 2006, ORT Israel broke away from World ORT,[2] which continues to work in Israel as Kadima Mada-Educating for Life. ORT Israel now raises funds in the United States through Friends of Israel Sci-Tech Schools.[3]Kadima Mada is investing NIS16 million to upgrade technology studies in 72 Jewish and non-Jewish schools in Israel.[4]


In 1996, World ORT launched the "Science through Technology" in Israeli junior high schools (grade 7–9). In the "Young Investigators" program for seventh graders, the students build LEGO models to explore scientific phenomenon. In "Galileo, Newton and Me" for eighth graders, LEGO is used to study systems. In the "Design your own world" program, ninth graders attempt to solve real-life problems using LEGO bricks and programming. [5]

In 2008, Kadima Mada embarked on a project to build high-tech classrooms, equipping 60 rooms on six campuses with Interactive Whiteboards, wireless Internet and other technological aids.[6]

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