Hino da Carta

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English: Hymn of the Charter
Hymno da Carta
Hymno da Carta - capa.jpg
Cover from the Hymno da Carta

National anthem of Portugal
Music Pedro I of Brazil, 1821
Adopted 1826
Relinquished 5 October 1910 (de facto)
19 July 1911 (de jure)

The Hymno da Carta (English: Hymn of the Charter), was officially proclaimed the national anthem of the Kingdom of Portugal in May 1834.[1] It was composed by D. Pedro IV, King Peter IV of Portugal (also Emperor Peter I of Brazil). "Carta" stands for the Constitutional Charter which Peter IV granted to Portugal. The anthem remained officially in place until 19 July 1911,[2] one year after Portugal became a republic, and was replaced by A Portuguesa.


Portuguese lyrics Approximate translation
First stanza

Ó Pátria, Ó Rei, Ó Povo,
Ama a tua Religião
Observa e guarda sempre
Divinal Constituição

O country, King and people,
Your religion love and serve!
Be faithful! our constitution,
Divinely giv'n, ye shall preserve.


Viva, viva, viva ó Rei
Viva a Santa Religião
Vivam Lusos valorosos
A feliz Constituição
A feliz Constituição

Hail, hail, hail oh King,
On our holy religion rest
Lusitanians fired with valor,
Hail our blessed constitution,
Hail our constitution blest!

Second stanza

Ó com quanto desafogo
Na comum agitação
Dá vigor às almas todas
Divinal Constituição

Oh with what relief
In the common disturbance
Strength it gives to all souls
Divine Constitution

Third stanza

Venturosos nós seremos
Em perfeita união
Tendo sempre em vista todos
Divinal Constituição

Fortunate we shall be
In perfect union
Always bearing in sight
Divine Constitution

Forth stanza

A verdade não se ofusca
O Rei não se engana, não,
Proclamemos Portugueses
Divinal Constituição

The truth does not blur
The King does not do wrong, no,
Portuguese let us proclaim
Divine Constitution


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