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Single by Alexander Rybak
from the album 'No Boundaries'
Released 8th June 2010
Format Digital download, CD single
Recorded 2010
Genre Pop
Length 4:19
Label EMI
Writer(s) Alexander Rybak, Markus Eriksen, Sebastian Dankel, Asmund Begre Jenssen
Producer(s) Eirik Heldal
Alexander Rybak singles chronology
"Roll with the Wind"
"Resan till dig"

"Oah" is a song by Norwegian singer–songwriter Alexander Rybak. It is the first single released from his second album No Boundaries. It was released on the 8th June 2010.

Music Video[edit]

A music video was made for the single. It was directed by Lars Kristian Flemmen,produced by Eirik Heldal shot by Martin J. Edelsteen. It is filmed in a university or college. At the start of the music video Alexander asks a girl named Moa to go out with him. However, Moa tells him that she does not want to go out with him and walks away from him. She goes to her locker opens it and teddy bears fall on her with a note attached saying "So, lets start by being friends". She throws it away and goes to class, where Alexander sits beside her and starts singing to her again. She gets up and runs away leaving Alexander and all the other students dancing. She then goes to a restaurant with another man. Alexander is a waiter. Moa looks at the menu and under the word hamburger it says "You know I'm not good for you". She nearly kisses the other man, but Alexander goes over to her and sings to her again with three people playing the violin. The man gets up and leaves her looking sad. She gets up and goes into the kitchen and finds Alexander again, where he tries to reason with her, but he gets pushed into a store room and gets locked in. She then goes to catch a flight and as she sits on the plane, Alexander sits beside her again and sings to her with everyone on the plane and back at the class having a party.[1][2]

Track listing[edit]

Digital download[3]
No. Title Length
1. "Oah"   4:19


Lead vocals

Recording and production staff

  • Sergio Raminez - Editor
  • Eirik Heldal - Producer


  • Jeanette Hoff

Art department

  • Patrik Svaningen
  • Ann-Kristin Olson


  • Katharina Sørensen
  • Tormod Hauge


Release history[edit]

Region Date Format
Norway 8 June 2010[4] CD single, Digital download