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Oak Manufacturing, founded in 1948, is a vending machine company located in Vernon, California. Along with Northwestern Corporation, it is regarded by most people in the vending community as a producer of high-quality equipment.[citation needed]

Oak manufactures bulk vendors, including the ever-popular Oak Acorn (their oldest machine), the Oak Vista 300, the Oak Vista 450, the Oak Vista Cabinet Machine, and the Big Oak, which can be a bulk vendor, but is usually a Capsule Machine. Their most versatile model, very utilitarian and the least expensive machine for the long-haul, is their Oak Vista Cabinet Machine. The Oak Vista Cabinet Machine is available in two heights; and it is also capable of having up to 3 extra capacity panels added to it, which increases its versatility. Its usage by large operators is overtaking that of the Northwestern 60, because of its price, versatility, and the fact that its design makes it the least vandalized bulk vendor.