Oakdale Memorial Gardens

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Oakdale Memorial Gardens
Orphan Graves at the Oakdale Cemetery.jpg
Orphan Graves
Year established 1856
Location 2501 Eastern Ave., Davenport, Iowa
Country United States
Coordinates 41°32′46″N 90°33′00″W / 41.546°N 90.55°W / 41.546; -90.55Coordinates: 41°32′46″N 90°33′00″W / 41.546°N 90.55°W / 41.546; -90.55
Type Independent
Size 78 acres (32 ha)
Website www.oakdalememorialgardens.org
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The Political Graveyard Scott County, Iowa

Oakdale Memorial Gardens, formerly Oakdale Cemetery, is located in east-central Davenport, Iowa, United States. It was established in 1856 and designed by Captain George F. de la Roche,[1] who had finished the design of Oak Hill Cemetery in Washington, D.C. five years earlier. It is considered a rural or garden cemetery and covers more than 78 acres (32 ha).[2] The first burial at Oakdale was that of three-month-old Mary Larned Allen on September 15, 1857.[3] Some of the graves in the cemetery had been transferred from the overcrowded City Cemetery in the west end. The cemetery is located across Eastern Avenue from the former Iowa Soldiers' Orphans' Home, and it contains the graves of the orphans that died at the home. The cemetery also contains a section for the burial of pets.

Soldiers Lot[edit]

There is a Soldiers Lot near the center of the cemetery, which is administered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.[4] At one time 174 soldiers were buried at Oakdale, including the first Iowans to die in the Civil War at the Battle of Fort Donelson.[5] Most of the bodies were transferred in 1888 to Rock Island National Cemetery or Keokuk National Cemetery. The remaining 14 soldiers' graves were moved to the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) plot in 1900. The plot was transferred from the GAR to the cemetery association in 1940 and the United States government took possession of it the following year. Today it contains the remains of 71 soldiers from the Civil War and Spanish American War.[5]

Notable Burials[edit]


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